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  1. True, but it's largely a lift from Music Week and quotes from EE, neither of whom are clueless.
  2. Your mum.
  3. I hope your opinion keeps you warm at night.
  4. Go to the whitest and most awkward person you see on the gate.
  5. Mate, most people here won't be going illegally, because most of the options thrown up aren't legit. As for questioning the ethics of the couple of hundred bunking in each year, head up the Circle at 1am on Thursday morning and see where your litigiousness gets you. Basically, chill the fuck out. I'm going to Spain.
  6. I am five hours from heading to Gatwick for a flight to Barcelona (which is my Glastonbury replacement) you get anything more concrete giz a shout!
  7. A group effort next time out is our best revenge. Fair play lads, delighted for ye.
  8. Just saying what? You think people needed you to tell them what they already know? No one has died, but people feeling disappointed is fine. Not sure what it has to do with anything. Obviously the tedium of this thread has brought the dickhead out strong in you. Move on mate.
  9. Woah! The king of insight comedy has arrived. I'd say Stewart Lee is shitting himself.
  10. I've given in. The missus' auld lad has a boat in Sitges. I'm going to sit on that for a week and read books instead. I considered Latitude as a replacement, but it has a Waitrose and draconian can policies that I can't abide. However, I did pay a tenner extra on the flights in case any reason for cancellation should occur. It's the hope that kills you.
  11. Most people who Twix don't do it that way. But fair play to those that do I say!
  12. I've a tenuous opportunity to Twix but with the checks I wouldn't bank on it working out.
  13. If your mate comes across a pair for closer to 600 a piece giz a shout!
  14. Just clicked on and got it. First time I have seen it, don't have the page refreshing either.
  15. Not necessarily dancing, but I mean hanging out, looking at stuff, common gathering areas. Fires, performers, all that kind of thing.