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  1. NYC Downlow

    No. I'm telling you that you should be allowed to live how you see fit and without fear. But so should the people who you have constantly labelled a comedy sideshow and stereotypes several times.
  2. NYC Downlow

    There's a lot wrong with that. 1) You may see it as stereotypical and want nothing to do with it but that doesn't mean other people shouldn't live their lives in a mutual way that does not harm anyone. Nor should they stop because some gay people are afraid of being lumped in with them by prejudiced people. You're not every gay man, and every gay man is not you. 2) It's an inherently political space that is also a massive party - like the places it tries to replicate. 3) I fully agree about Stonewall, but you've already said you don't want a "gay" field, would this not be some way towards just that? 4) Most gay people at the festival are somewhere else. So your worry is really misplaced. 5) The time may have passed for you, but not everyone has that privilege. By pushing your expectations of what constitutes the right way to be gay so that you can enjoy what you perceive to be equality in a prejudiced society you are betraying what people fought for. It's hypocrisy.
  3. NYC Downlow

    Things change and how we consume culture and give life to it should always be fluid. I'm not on board with your view because I see it as a synonymous with the concerted effort to homogenise the LGBTQI+ community - and especially gay men, because I think this is what catches in the craw of a patriarchal heterosexual society most. The use of Pride to sell everything from Skittles to Levis this year was shameful. The commerce is coming through louder than the politics. This, at the very least, is a kick back against the cuddly expectation set out by straight people for LGBTQI+ people. That said, at least you're making a relatively cogent point drawn from experience. The imagination, caring and madness came from the fringe. Travellers, hippies, punks. Almost anything culturally worthwhile comes from people that have been discriminated against or operate on the edge of society. House, drag, disco and so much more wouldn't be here without gay spaces as a result of brutality and hate. In NYCD that is honoured and remembered. No one is saying you have to comfortable in dark rooms - that is down to the individual - but there's a very good reason they exist and should continue to do so.
  4. NYC Downlow

    You've just spent nine pages of a thread moaning about the morality of some men shagging in the back of a LGBT-friendly, openly adult-only, venue at the back corner of a massive festival in the west of England that you did not know about until now. You introduced hypothetical children as a reason for why it should stop. You decided your ticket should be cheaper because you're not interested in using that room. Then decided you must be right because you're old. You presume that there is no pluralism in the gay life, that your boundaries are the only boundaries, and that everyone is like the four same-sex people you watched get married. You don't even know why you disagree with it. At least other (gay) posters have spoken about their concerns - misplaced or not - of the fallout of chemsex etc. but you just seem to think it's a filthy little thing and must stop because you say so. If the festival only catered for "foodies" (fucking lol) and people who liked guitars it wouldn't be worth the effort, and you'd likely be at Reading having a good time with plenty of other people who only care about themselves and have no imagination.
  5. Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    That's true for all of us in London I reckon...but I have no idea where I would go. I interviewed Kate years ago, she's probably the most intelligent, honest and passionate person I've ever spoken with.
  6. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    Sorry, know this is like a week late, but the DUP are not the Tories, by a long stretch. They're closer to UKIP or the BNP. They're a party that backed Brexit despite agriculture being the North's main industry and being a significant beneficiary of EU funds. They put isolation - local and international - before prosperity every single time. I would argue that most of the more pernicious religious views are not represented in the community that elects them. They get elected because other moderate unionist parties are weak and splitting the vote would lead to significant gains for Sinn Fein. Left-wing parties, with left-wing manifestos are almost level with the Tories in the HoC. That suggests Centrist policy is not proven fact. What is fact, is Labour's loss of Scotland - which is directly attributable to the failures of Blair and Brown - has hamstrung them in terms of perception. If Labour had those seats back we would not be having this conversation. But they don't. I think they can gain some of those seats that the Tories took there next time out however.
  7. Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    Some of this is true, but what else do people have? The support Jez enjoys is as much to do with classic Tory neglect of most people in British society - that they've gone into agreement with a racist, homophobic and bigoted party just to hold power says it all - and the PLP's blind faith in centrist policy for vote winning as it is about the man himself. All politicians should be held accountable, and I think he will be. Clegg was. Blair was. Both enjoyed massive youth support and were appropriately pilloried by that demographic when they abandoned promises on fees and went to war on a mission from God. The chants etc are basically a way of getting up the nose of the establishment - right-wing press, Farage, Tories, New Labourites etc - and it works. See anything published by Mel Philips or the Spectator recently. I support Corbyn, but I know he's likely for Brexit. I wouldn't be completely in disagreement with why he supports it - which is basically for the abandonment of neoliberalism. However, there's a marked difference between why he wants to leave and why UKIP, Boris, Gove and every racist in the country wants to leave. Obama wasn't a dictator and enjoyed similar support first time out. It's inarguable that his personal politics skewed towards JC's too, but implementing them on a meaningful level is almost impossible. I think he'll go the Wilson route if he gains power and Labour's pluralism will be reflected in his cabinet. Big if obvs. TL;DR: Jez won't be nearly as left wing if he gets power and people know that.
  8. Headliners 2019

    Alt-J are probably the bigger band though. They have massive global appeal. I don't much care for either mind, so wouldn't be there.
  9. Headliners 2019

    Stormzy Arctics/Florence Oasis/U2
  10. Secret resales

    True, but it's largely a lift from Music Week and quotes from EE, neither of whom are clueless.
  11. Secret resales

    Your mum.
  12. Secret resales

    I hope your opinion keeps you warm at night.
  13. Secret resales

    Go to the whitest and most awkward person you see on the gate.
  14. Secret resales

    Mate, most people here won't be going illegally, because most of the options thrown up aren't legit. As for questioning the ethics of the couple of hundred bunking in each year, head up the Circle at 1am on Thursday morning and see where your litigiousness gets you. Basically, chill the fuck out. I'm going to Spain.
  15. Secret resales

    I am five hours from heading to Gatwick for a flight to Barcelona (which is my Glastonbury replacement)...er....if you get anything more concrete giz a shout!

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