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  1. chances of re sale ticket

    i'd say it will be as easy or as hard as it is to get one in the first sale. You'll either be lucky or you'll shit out
  2. 2016 Other Stage headliners

    Chances of Jean Michel Jarre headlining other stage?
  3. Kanye West

    I wonder how many people in the audience thought "Fuck! It's Eminem"! when Lee Nelson came on!
  4. Kanye West

    ultimately it was an opportunity for him to take (if he wanted to) to get some new fans, to try and change the minds of the haters, of the Glastonbury hardcore. But he chose not to (as is his right) and it was a gig for the fan boys in general. Those that like him, in general got what they wanted. Those that hate him, had the hate fed.
  5. Kanye West

    Coldplay restarted a song last time they headlined
  6. Kanye West

    the highlight of that entire performance was Lee Nelson, truly epic!
  7. The Who....

    the simple fact is, without Entwistle and Moon, they are not The Who.
  8. Glastonbury 2015 in three words

    glad returned tickets
  9. Kanye west confirmed

    my guess is that the overpowering feeling reported in the media was that the glastonbury punters dont give a fuck about him so he delivered a couldnt give a fuck performance
  10. Kanye West

    fair play to you, each to their own and all that, but that was a massive fucking bag of w*nk and I watched and listened with an open mind. "hey everybody wait 5 mins whilst I get in this pointless fucking cherry picker which just looks shit"
  11. Kanye West

    you're being sarcastic right?
  12. Kanye west confirmed

    Yeah, really not regretting having to send my tickets back this year based on what I've seen on tv so far (and the rain yesterday and due tomorrow)
  13. It's Florence

  14. Special Guests + 3rd Headliner is Paul McCartney

    these fucking noobies coming on here posting shit thats been discussed to death already
  15. Headliners 2015

    Honestly? How pretentious of you.