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  1. TBF Glastonbury is massively overrated
  2. not a sniff so far
  3. ticket link dead already?
  4. i'd say it will be as easy or as hard as it is to get one in the first sale. You'll either be lucky or you'll shit out
  5. Chances of Jean Michel Jarre headlining other stage?
  6. my guess is that the overpowering feeling reported in the media was that the glastonbury punters dont give a fuck about him so he delivered a couldnt give a fuck performance
  7. Yeah, really not regretting having to send my tickets back this year based on what I've seen on tv so far (and the rain yesterday and due tomorrow)
  8. Honestly? How pretentious of you.
  9. Incorrect. Music snobs are generally c**ts. A true music fan will give anything a go and you either like it or you dont, no matter what the genre or who likes it or dislikes it.
  10. so you dismiss music based on who likes it?
  11. 10 years ago, anything more recent?
  12. stick around, there's plenty of vegetables on here
  13. nope, she's shit
  14. you're not missing much
  15. how? The fees are based on the festival selling out, which it did last October and the resale will just provide tickets for all of those who lost out in October and will still want to go