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    Hey, My name is Kelly (age 20). Im going to Leeds on my own as friends can't afford. I would love to meet some new people so let me know if you wanna meet up at the festival =) I have an early bird ticket so will arrive on wednesday =)
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    Hi, I am in a similar boat, my friends can't afford or have already made plans for the summer, I have been looking at going to Sziget and Optimus alive this year though with Optimus it looks as if I can only go for the first day I've never been to a festival either. I'm 23 and live in Skipton desperate to go to Optimus to see the Arctic Monkeys, Ben Howard and the Lumineers. I want to go to Sziget to see Macklemore, bastille, Prodigy and Bombay bicycles. Whuch festivals were you thinking of going too?
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    This is cool... RABBIT DILD0 VIBRATOR

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