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I'm a spanner

Yes, that's right, I am - for last night I managed to park my (nice, shiny new) car in it's usual car parking space by our flat - except that someone was already parked there :wub:

So I have a scuffed bumper that has lifted by about 1cm, and I need to buy a new offside set of headlamps having split the casing pretty much in half (for a 2004 Seat Ibiza, if anyone happens to have one set lying around spare).

I left a note for the owner of the other car, as it was late and I didn't know whose it was (neither me or my flatmate recognised the vehicle which led us to believe that the owner shouldn't have been parked there :rolleyes: ).


5 games into the season and QPR are neither bottom of the league nor out of the League Cup, makes a nice change :) Scummy Leeds are below us too :D Perhaps my pessimism for this season was unecessary and we'll be alright, lower midtable but safe.

Salisbury City are 2nd in the Conference South after last season's promotion, unbeaten and going well.

That concludes tsz's football round up, next time I update I will have returned from Leeds - a festival that has crept up from nowhere and one that I'm barely ready for :P


Week off

Thank f*ck for that.

Home for a few days then Leeds festi so I won't be around much between now and then.

Which is quite a relief seeing as the forum seems to have been invaded by some utter c**ts at the minute.


7 day week

Just realised I'll have been in work all 7 days, Sunday - Saturday, this week. That's if you include Open Day last Sunday, which was 9-3 so not a full day, Staines yesterday to visit the gym we own down there (an 8am - 8pm day) and Tues - Fri 9-5 (apart from today which was 9-8.30). Mind you I'm only there Saturday to watch the match (got my season tickets at last), so it's not like I'll be actually working that day....

Roll on next week! (I'm off to go home and then onwards to Leeds)


Jeff Stelling

Not so much Jeff himself but the programme, Gillette Soccer Saturday. This is of course a must see for me on a Saturday afternoon when United are away from home, in that I can keep track of the scores relating to my teams (QPR 2-0 Southend, first win in 13 yay :ph34r: , Salisbury 1-1 Lewes, debut in Conference South by drawing with the title favourites :( ), but my housemate thinks it's rubbish. His argument is that you can understand watching the results to see the scores, so why do you need to sit there watching the goals go in? Not that you watch any football of course, just pundits sitting round talking about the game they are watching.

And he's right of course, it is rubbish TV when you think about it, and it's utterly pointless viewing. But that still doesn't stop me watching it.


School Trip!

Well, not so much of the school. But it's a trip, to the gym we own in Staines. This is our FD's idea, seeing as ultimately I will be responsible for the accounts of the place, that I should really visit it and see the staff and what it looks like - classy from the website (yes I've looked, let's not pretend I have a life).

Course this means I will be in a sealed metal box for 5 hours of the day with 3 senior managers....I'll have to be on my best behaviour and tone it down a bit. Just one thing - I'm not sure if I can ;)



I'm sitting here waiting for someone to come and take away my old car, Armstrong. Gonna be sad to see him go but all good things must come to the end, and truth be told he was getting a little bit too expensive to run on a daily basis - it's a Peugeot 205 that's 18 years old, and I could no longer justify spending extortionate amounts of money on insurance, MOTs and general upkeep costs.

9pm and he's gone....never to be seen again ;)


As everyone seems to think my avatar is a crab, and despite reassurances from me that it isn't I still get comments like "it is a crab I tell you" and "if it isn't a crab what the hell is it?", I figured I'd put the answer to the question on everyone's lips in my blog. This will also save me typing it thousands of times in threads I'm posting in.

Basically it's the club badge for Salisbury City FC, one of the teams I follow (the other 2 being QPR (god knows why) and Sheffield United (for obvious reasons)). Why do I follow them? Well, I was born in Salisbury and lived there for the first 18 years of my life (in the same house believe it or not) until I came to Sheffield for university purposes, and the first football game Dad took me to was Salisbury City vs the might of Erith & Belvedere when I was 8. Salisbury won 5-1, there was a missed penalty and a sending off and I've been hooked ever since.

So now you know ;)


New Job

Tomorrow I start a new job - still at the same company, but it's a better job with more responsibility and a bit better paid. I'm nervous about it tbh, but at the same time excited.

What I'm really worried about tho, and this is going to sound odd, is the fact I have to train my replacement to do the job I am leaving. What if I don't teach him well? Will there be enough stuff for him to do? Will I get on with him?


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