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  1. thesixthzuton


    He's been probably the best wicketkeeper in England for a few years now, however with the current prevalence to have a batter who can keep wicket, rather than to have a specialist keeper regardless of his batting ability, he's not had a sniff of a chance in either Test or ODI cricket. Twenty20 cricket is, ironically, the one version of the sport where teams prefer to have a specialist than a batsman.
  2. thesixthzuton


    No no no no no no no. Absolute bollocks. What lost the Dutch game was England's piss poor batting - to only score 162 from a position of 100-0 is shocking. Oh, and we failed to hit one six in the innings. With 7 needed off the last over, Broad did very well to limit them to 1 run an over, and as someone said, who was backing up the throw? To blame Broad for the defeat is nonsense. Moving on to tonight's shambles, how do we expect to win at this sport with only three specialist batsmen in the team? The selection has been somewhat perplexing at times - OK, play Key if you must but why send him in at 6? What's Graham Napier doing in the squad if you're not going to use him? The only players to come out of this tournament with any credit are Bopara (again), Pietersen, Foster and Sidebottom. Shah was a disaster, Wright doesn't look like the player we thought he would be and Collingwood's captaincy was bewildering - especially his choice tonight to send in Broad for the penultimate over when perhaps Sidebottom's aggression would have restricted the runs scored.
  3. thesixthzuton

    Who's watching what on tv

    F*ck, how did I miss Screenwipe? "I'm Konnie Huq, a 33 year old TV presenter who looks about 9, and I've long been fascinated by urination" Spooks also deserves a mention. This series has been excellent. Killing off the main character in the first episode? That's something that the makers of 24 would never consider, and why Spooks shits all over it.
  4. thesixthzuton

    Who's watching what on tv

    Fan of Hugh Dennis I take it?
  5. thesixthzuton

    Who's watching what on tv

    Programmes I go out of my way to watch: Heroes, Family Guy, South Park, Waking the Dead, Fringe, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Big Bang Theory, Fringe. Can take or leave Bones.
  6. thesixthzuton


    Nor do I. Good start by Swann however England's score is beginning to look better than it should be (I thought we were about 50 short of a decent total)
  7. thesixthzuton


    KP has got both captaincies. Not too sure on this - he doesn't strike me as a team player (see Friday's ridiculous dismissal going for the big 6 to bring up his ton, when he should have played it safe for the good of the score). Good to see Bopara finally getting a chance too
  8. thesixthzuton


    Darren Pattinson? Really?
  9. thesixthzuton


    Yes, murder is definitely allowed, in fact it is to be openly encouraged, otherwise bastards like this will think it is acceptable to talk to colleagues in this way
  10. thesixthzuton

    come on Plymouth.... Football round up

    Should still be Ollie's Blue and White army .... good to see he's as loved down there as he was at Loftus
  11. thesixthzuton

    Working for a football club...

    ... people think it's glamourous. Bloody isn't tho
  12. thesixthzuton

    I'm a spanner

    Yes, that's right, I am - for last night I managed to park my (nice, shiny new) car in it's usual car parking space by our flat - except that someone was already parked there So I have a scuffed bumper that has lifted by about 1cm, and I need to buy a new offside set of headlamps having split the casing pretty much in half (for a 2004 Seat Ibiza, if anyone happens to have one set lying around spare). I left a note for the owner of the other car, as it was late and I didn't know whose it was (neither me or my flatmate recognised the vehicle which led us to believe that the owner shouldn't have been parked there ).
  13. thesixthzuton

    Who'd Have Thought It?

    5 games into the season and QPR are neither bottom of the league nor out of the League Cup, makes a nice change Scummy Leeds are below us too Perhaps my pessimism for this season was unecessary and we'll be alright, lower midtable but safe. Salisbury City are 2nd in the Conference South after last season's promotion, unbeaten and going well. That concludes tsz's football round up, next time I update I will have returned from Leeds - a festival that has crept up from nowhere and one that I'm barely ready for
  14. thesixthzuton

    Week off

    Thank f*ck for that. Home for a few days then Leeds festi so I won't be around much between now and then. Which is quite a relief seeing as the forum seems to have been invaded by some utter c**ts at the minute.
  15. thesixthzuton

    7 day week

    Just realised I'll have been in work all 7 days, Sunday - Saturday, this week. That's if you include Open Day last Sunday, which was 9-3 so not a full day, Staines yesterday to visit the gym we own down there (an 8am - 8pm day) and Tues - Fri 9-5 (apart from today which was 9-8.30). Mind you I'm only there Saturday to watch the match (got my season tickets at last), so it's not like I'll be actually working that day.... Roll on next week! (I'm off to go home and then onwards to Leeds)