Truck Festival 2017 line-up and rumours

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Hill Farm, Steventon, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6SW, England MAP
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£125 SOLD OUT (car park, cv & child tickets still available)
daily capacity: 9999
last updated: Fri 26th May 2017

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) Abattoir Blues
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) All Them Witches
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Alpha Male Tea Party
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) Ambiere
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) Arcane Roots
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Ardyn
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) Atlas Wynd
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Bad Sounds
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Banfi
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) Blackwaters
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) British Sea Power
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) Bury Tomorrow
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Cabbage
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Catherine McGraph
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Champion & MC Serious
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) Corella
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) Crimsons
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) Crows
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) Dead Pretties
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Deaf Havana
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) Ditz
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) DJ Lo:Fi
Sun 23rd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Dr Bluegrass and the Illbilly 8
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Dream Wife
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Dreaming Spires
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Elijah & Skilliam
Fri 21st, The Rockin' Chair(C) Flying Mojito Bros
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) For Foresters
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Francobollo
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Franz Ferdinand
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) FUR
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Gathering of Strangers
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Get Inuit
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Girl Ray
Sat 22nd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Glamophones
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Goat Girl
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) God Damn
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Good Foxy
Sat 22nd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Heavenly Jukebox
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Heels and Souls
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) High Tyde
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Hinds
Sat 22nd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Hip Hop Karaoke
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Honeyblood
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Hot 8 Brass Band
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) Hush Mozey
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Husky Loops
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Idris Elba
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Indigo Husk
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) Inheaven
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Jaguar Skills
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Jagwar Ma
Sun 23rd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Jamie DSouza
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Jamie Lenman
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Jaws
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) Jaxn
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) Junodef
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) Kagoule
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Kamikaze Girls
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Kevin Devine
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) Laoise
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Lawrence Taylor
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) Le Boom
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Leader
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) Life
Sat 22nd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Loose Brie
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) Loyle Carner
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Luna Bay
Sun 23rd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Lydia Rickards
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) Maddy Storm
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) Maximo Park
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Mindofalion
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) MistaJam
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) MOONOVERSun
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Mr. Motivator
Fri 21st, The Barn(C) NaNNiK
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) No Violet
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Nothing But Thieves
Sun 23rd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Old Dirty Brasstards
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) OUTLYA
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Palace
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) Palm Honey
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Peaness
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Pedder
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Psyblings
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) Pulled Apart By Horses
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) Pumarosa
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) RedFaces
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Reggaerobics
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) Roam
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) SaSaSaS
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Shells
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Shifty Lao
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Slaves
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Slotface
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Stay Hungry
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) Strange Cages
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Sundara Karma
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) Superfood
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) Swindle
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) Switch Residents
Fri 21st, Market Stage(C) T Q D
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) The Big Moon
Sat 22nd, The Barn(C) The Elephant Tree
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) The Libertines
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) The Magic Gang
Fri 21st, The Rockin' Chair(C) The Mariachis
Fri 21st, The Rockin' Chair(C) The Monks
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) The Moonlandingz
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) The Night Cafe
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) The Orielles
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) The Rhythm Method
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) The Shimmer Band
Sun 23rd, Main Stage(C) The Vaccines
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) The Wombats
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Tigercub
Fri 21st, The Rockin' Chair(C) Tina T'urner Tea Lady
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Tom Grennan
Sun 23rd, Market Stage(C) Twin Atlantic
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Vant
Sun 23rd, The Barn(C) Voodoo & The Crypts
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) Vukovi
Sat 22nd, The Rockin' Chair(C) Wayne Carter
Sun 23rd, The Nest(C) Weirds
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Will Joseph Cook
Fri 21st, Main Stage(C) Willie J Healey
Fri 21st, The Nest(C) WSTR
Sat 22nd, The Nest(C) Yak
Sat 22nd, Main Stage(C) Yonaka
Sat 22nd, Market Stage(C) Zak Abel

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