full line-up completed for Gottwood 2018

including Zip, DJrum, Kate Miller, Secretsundaze, Arkajo, Man Power, & more

By Mike Marshall | Published: Thu 29th Mar 2018

Gottwood Festival 2018 - Secretsundaze
Photo credit: Carrie Tang

Gottwood Festival 2018

Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th June 2018
Carreglwyd Estate, Llanfaethlu, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 4NY, Wales MAP
currently £165
Daily capacity: 1,500

The full line-up has been completed for electronic dance music festival Gottwood which takes place in the middle of woods on the Carreglwyd Estate, in Anglesey, Wales from Thursday 7th until Sunday 10th June 2018.

A huge number of names have been announced, including:- ZIP, DjRUM, Kate Miller, Secretsundaze (pictured above), Arkajo, Man Power, Voyeur, PBR Streetgang, Alfos, Man Power, Aaron L, Bodin, DJ Nookie, Forriner, Frank Butters, Gatto Fitto, Jack Priest, Jacob, Kate Miller, Kiara Scuro, Mark Archer, Martyne, Mella Dee, Michal Zietara, Peak & Swift, Secretsundaze, and Sven Atterton.

Also newly revealed are:- Acid Ted, Adam Ross, Admin, Adop+, Alan Cross, Alec Falconer, Alna, Andi Hanley, Andrew Hill, Andy Watson, Anton Fitz, Arran O'Neill, Baby Whale, Backet, Bathislav Tubovic, Bird of Paradise, Bobby Pleasure, Brothers Black, Brothers of Jah, Chad, Charles Jordan, Ciaran Hansen, City Fly, Coombe, Dan Jordan, Dave Beer, Deano Ferrino, Deburgh, DJ Garys, Don't Look Now, Drivetime, Ed Mackie, Ed Steele, Em Williams, Ess O Ess, Ettica, Familiar Circles, Fish Tales, Frenchy, Gavin Hohan, George Marks, Glowing Palms, Good Time Alliance, Good Time Gang, Gus Emmett, Gyp & Dale, Hamish Cole, Harri Pepper, Harry Sheehan, Haydn b2b HIJN, Hesseltime, Hizatron, Hoochy & Clive, houseplant, Hugh Bailey, Il Bosco, Itchy Rich, Jac The Disco, Jack D, Jack Hackney, Jacques Adda, Jago & Dan, Jake Manders, James Zaremba, Jive Talk, Joel Kane, John Scudamore, Jonny Sleight, Jorge Martins, Josh Aitman, Jukes of Hazard, Kaim Shah, Kicking Pigeon, Kieran Holden, Kostas G, Ladrhyn Bexx, Ladybeige, Lisa Oaks, Lucas Welle, Lucid Stannard, Lupini & Giovanna, Marcus Childs, Mark Hume, Martin Loose-Cuts, Master & Commander, Metaphi, Metrodome, Microdosing Sound System, Modular, Move DJs, Mr Price, Mylar Melodies, Nanny Banton, Neil Thomson, Nerram, Nickname Steve, Nina Kehagia, Nomadic, Pat Beal, Phase 2, Racubah, Ralph Giles, Ramji, Randy Brunson, Raoul Rechnitz, Raw Silk, Renata, Richard Block, Rob Akuma, Rob Amboule, Rosie Ama, Ross Robertson, Sam Bangura, Samuel Padden, Sarah Bates (live), Sebastian Spring, Shaking Sands, Silas & Snare, sonofapizzaman, Sparkz, Stamp The Wax Allstars, Ste Spandex (live), Sunshine SOul DJs, Steve Mera, T-Man, Tami & Luce, Tape Fear, The Bat, The Darrs, The Hat, Titan, Toby O'Connor, Tom Lye, Tom Saunders, Viscera DJs, Wayne Distek, Wayne Holland, and Will Brockbank (phew)....

They join an already extensive line-up including a two-hour set from Mr Scruff, plus Axel BomanBinhCommixCraig RichardsCrazy P SoundsystemDMX Krew (live)Enzo SiragusaHuneeJackmaster b2b GrainJob JobseMargaret DygasNicolas LutzPalms TraxSan ProperShedSonja Moonear.

To see a full list of acts playing, please view the line-up page.

Tickets are on sale, currently priced at £165.

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