Vince Power responds to PRS ban

By Scott Williams | Published: Fri 1st Aug 2014

<s>The Hop Farm Festival</s>.. 2013 - Vince Power
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The Hop Farm Festival - CANCELLED 2013

Friday 5th to Saturday 6th July 2013
The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6PY, England MAP
£135 for the weekend with camping, £110 without. £65 for either day.
Daily capacity: 52,000

Irish promoter Vince Power has responded to the news he has been banned from staging live music for not having paid PRS.

Vince would like to state that he has not had any correspondence from PRS regarding this situation and was surprised to read about these supposed outstanding fees of £7,987, this is miniscule compared to the amount of money paid to PRS over the years by Vince Power and companies. 

NB: According to the eFestivals article (here) the £7,987 was just the legal costs run up by PRS in taking action against him.

If there was any money outstanding to PRS, this would have been dealt with by the administrators for Music Festivals PLC which went into administration in October 2012; PRS were notified.

He would also like to say, that the most recent Hop Farm had nothing to do with Vince Power, or any of his companies. This was hijacked by another promoter, which used all previous Hop Farm logos and databases, Vince had no responsibility or involvement in this 2014 event.

NB: Whilst the logos were similar they were not identical.

The statement from Vince Power also sees him reply, "I am angry and disappointed that PRS have not contacted me by post, email or telephone.  To say that I am banned from staging live music events for the sake of 7k, is damaging to my career.

"In light of the long strained relationship I have with them, I can only see this as PRS being vindictive and a means of deflection for what I see as the real problem within PRS; They have a long list of artists that are owed money which they do not pay.  I am very happy for any Artists who have been chasing PRS unsuccessfully to contact me to see if there is a way we can group together and get the money they are owed."

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