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Found 5 results

  1. Just in case, as of course it's going to be fine... We went in 2005 and 2007 with husband's daughter, then aged around 8 and 10. 2005 was great, as we luckily didn't flood, and after the storm that was a nice year weather-wise. Amazing memories of that year overall. 2007 was bloody hard work, but as she was a sensible kid, and we made sure we enjoyed strategic cider at regular points over the weekend, while it was a real slog at points I don't remember it being too stressful (at least until the hideous coach-queuing fiasco on the Monday that was so awful it put us off going the next year, but that's a whole other thing). Fast forward to now, and having an extremely lively 6-year-old boy, and I am starting to get a little nervous about how to handle a wet one. I have visions of him constantly face planting in mud, which make me twitch but husband seems to think would just be hilarious... or slipping on wooden castles and pirate ships, surely not remotely safe in wet years? Do they just close them? How on earth do you keep kids happy in the event of constant miserable rain, anyway? If any parents have tips or advice for how to survive and enjoy a muddy / wet Glasto, I'd love to hear them! Apart from anything else, ideas on how to manage without wet wipes would be useful! I feel like I'm just getting too old to face a year like 2007 again. Not that it will be, of course (ahem). thanks in advance! x
  2. Wondermum

    SE Corner

    We’ve never made it to the SE Corner since the one way system has been in operation, due to the crowds and having young kids in tow. However I’m really curious and I’ve been wondering whether it’s worth a stroll around during the day? Anything happening and whether we can take the kids in? We are used to carting them around in a buggy / trolley / some sort of wheeled contraption and that is fine for the larger stages late at night, but would that be a complete no go at nighttime for the SE Corner? They sleep through everything and I’d wager they would sleep trough an earthquake, so it’s just the crowds that concern me.
  3. Hi, We're looking to go to Womad for the first time with the kids and some other families. One of the families has a camper van. If they buy tickets for the 'Live in vehicle meadow' and we buy the 'Premium park and camp meadow' ticket, will we be able to camp together as a group? Both are accessed by the Purple Gate, but I'm not sure if they are separate camping areas. We'd try to arrive in convoy to make it easier. If we can't camp together, does anyone know how far away we might be from each other? Also, is this generally a good place to camp with kids (6-11 years old)? Thanks!
  4. We managed to get tickets today, and for the first time we would like to bring our kids. They will be 9 and 11 at the time of the festival. For the last 4 times, the two of us camped at Rivermead, close to gate A, where the coaches arrive. Relatively quiet and peaceful over there. Not a bad place to stay with kids as well I assume. Any recommendations if we should go to the family camping or not? Pros, cons? I'm not really into a whole bunch of small toddlers that are awake during the night, etc. but don't have any experience on what's it like at the family camping.
  5. Not sure if this is the right forum. Seemed marginally better in here than "other festivals". Who has been? My 4yr old loves The Beatles and it seems the ideal place to take her to get a taste of live music without the late nights + pressure of an indoor gig. We're thinking of a day ticket, but it looks like the day splits aren't out yet? Is that right? Has anyone been? Thoughts from the veterans welcome. Also, can anyone recommend local accommodation?
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