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Pro Trimming Tricks for the Sewer

With the passing time, you may have to go through a few things which are not easy to control like your body. If you wear the same dress you tried 7 years before then it must be hard to say whether it will fit you or not anymore? In this case, when your favorite dress is not fitting you anymore, the alteration is the perfect solution that can solve the problem and you can wear it again.

You can simply do the alteration and trimming work on the best basic sewing machine or for more information you can visit CraftsSelection to get the ultimate beginner sewing machine reviews.


You can sew dresses using a basic sewing machine

If you are a beginner then you must be looking for the tips through which you will be able to understand the trimming and how it can be done with perfection even at the beginners level? Here we are guiding you about some tips which can help you in altering your clothes. With these tips, you can definitely understand the whole concept.

Trick No.1 - Challenging Fabrics:

As all humans are not equal, in the same way, all fabrics are not constructed equally. While altering some of the fabrics, you may feel like, this is too easy and now I can alter anything but in some cases, you may find yourself in the middle of the mess aiming not to alter anything from now on. As a beginner, you must understand how you can handle different types of clothing with different tricks.

When we are talking about silk then it’s not an easy task to start altering the silk because it will make you frustrated if you will not handle it well. On the other hand, cotton and linen are easy to handle and can be done perfectly. Chiffon and jersey fabric can be hard as well but at the time of altering don’t pull the fabric too much as it will create problems for you.

Trick No.2 - Marking Point:

Without proper measurements, it won’t be possible for you to do the alterations. First, you need to note down the body measurements and what you thought is going to be maintained for years now. Once you are satisfied with the measuring session, now it’s time to start marking the fabric from the point from where you want to alter it.

With the help of temporary ink or marker, you should mark the points and then start cutting from that point. Sew it with the help of the basic sewing machine you have and make sure the stitches are small and strong in strength. You can take the start from the basic clothing alterations which can also help you in learning technical things from the work.

Trick No.3 - Space:

If you are aware of the fact that later you are going to gain weight or you may be pregnant soon then keep the space inside the dress at the time of sewing. This space will help you open the fitting of dresses and you can alter it without any complications. It’s essential to keep around 2 inches of space inside the fabric to make sure that you can use it later and the dress is not going to be wasted.

Trick No.4 - Sewing Notions:

Another thing a sewer should take care of is how you can handle the alter dress without making it a mess? At the time of altering some dress, you should always choose a few sewing notions to add to make it look fancy as well as it can help the dress in hugging every curve of the body. Closures can actually make your dress fit and comfortable instead of doing straight stitches without any idea.


Use sewing notions to help the dresses look fancy

You can add a zipper at the back of the dress or snaps at the cuffs to keep the fitting firm and when you want to make it lose, you can open the snaps or can alter the zipper as well. If altering is not a big problem for you then I recommend using the closures. You can add notions to the dress with the help of the best entry level sewing machine without any challenges.

Trick No.5 - Comfort Move:

I prefer to use the loose stitches first on the dress at the time of altering. What if after alteration you are going to realize that you were wrong? Keep the stitches loose and once you are done with the rough stitching, try the dress. If you can move, dance, and walk in it comfortably then you can definitely start doing the small stitches on it.

When you are altering any shirt or any dress, take care of your comfort level because if the dress is going to be too fit then it can tear or damage when you will move or sit. This can be a big problem for you in the middle of the party.

Trick No.6 - Sizes:

If you are sewing a dress and you are feeling like later you may have to alter it for different reasons then sew it in two sizes. The method must be good enough that it should not create any kind of bulky edges. You can leave some space in the hem and seam of the dress so later if you want to increase the size, you will have extra space inside.

Without damaging any of the fabric you can simply increase the size and press it with the iron to calm the bulky edges down.

Trick No.7 - Washing:

If you have bought a new dress but the size is not according to you and you want to alter it now then first wash it. It may happen that after one wash, the dress is going to shrink and it will be good for you later but if you will start altering the dress before washing then maybe later it will be too fit for you. Washing of the dress is compulsory to mark the right point for yourself.

For more information about Which Are The Best Rated Sewing Machines For Beginners On The Market Today, you can update yourself by reading every day.


For many people alteration is not less than a problem and when you alter any dress then there are few things that need to be in your mind. If you alter the dress successfully in the first attempt then it will help you in gaining confidence. Alteration is the work of right measurements and clean stitching, if you can do both then it will be amazing.

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