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    Would you say Bestival suitable for children?

    Thanks guys the kind of reassurance I need!
  2. Justmeplus3

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    I, for the most part, am looking forward to the line up personally, but then i also know if and like several of the dance acts/djs. The line up is important to us (i will also be taking my children along) but so is what else the festival has to offer. Admittedly we usually go as a family to Camp Bestival. We don't do the kids stuff really as they are olderand we have been regulars for years and now more interested in the actual music but the variety on offer is amazing. I loved the Caravaserai and other random acts placed around as well as the bigger more well knows acts. Leftfield were brilliantly amazing last year, but my children disagreed!
  3. Justmeplus3

    Would you say Bestival suitable for children?

    A bit of a mixed response but i appreciate your honest replies folks Thanks! I have let the older 2 go around on their own a bit but was prepared for that not to be the case this time. Are the nights full on carnage I wonder?!
  4. Hi all, I have done quite a few day festivals with my children since they were tiny babies but we have done Camp Bestival the last four years camping and loved it. We had a good time last year but were kind of bored of it too and now the children are 9, 11 and 14 they would like to see more well.known acts. I made the decision to book bestival as the line up is always more appealing than CB. The thing is someone told me it is not for kids and there's alot of drunks etc hmmmm... Now I'm a little unsure. I have only ever done dance festivals where there are more drugs than drunks lol!! And never done Reading, Glasto or the likes so can't compare. I felt like Bestival was a good step up for us as we know the layout and like I say line up always good. Plus they sell kids tickets so it must be Ok right? Anyone's experiences or thoughts welcomed....Cheers....