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Info on 80's Rewind South



So after years of going to Glasto I'm going to try Rewind. Not sure about the set up so I need a few hints and tips.

  • Is there water taps in the camping fields and village areas
  • Can you take booze into the village area
  • Is there a site map I can view
  • Does it take long to get from the carpark to to the campsite

Thanks guys you rock

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Hi there, in reply to your questions:

There is washing facilities on the site, i.e. for washing face/hands & cooking apparatus, there are also Showers / Comfortable toilets which you can pay a small weekend premium to utilise.

Yes you can take beer into the campsite, providing they are cans or plastics containers, NO Glass,, Beer cannot however be taken in to the arena.

You can purchase a site map at the venue, but to be fair its not on the scale of Glasto not is there as much going on as Glasto, but a very very good festival with an atmosphere for fun and laughter as opposed to other rituals at Glasto :)

The car park depends on how early you arrive and indeed how far you travel on the field to camp, The 1st time I went I was around a 2 min walk to the car, however second time probably 10mins, but from parking to site, only a couple of mins.

Many thanks.

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