photos - Sidmouth Folk Week 2017

Chris Wood

last album photo added: Thu 24th Aug 2017

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all photos (batch 1) 250 photos
all photos (batch 2) 250 photos
all photos (batch 3) 249 photos

general galleries

around town 63 photos
Ceilidh in the Ford 23 photos
children's entertainment 22 photos
MCs and Guests 13 photos
middle bar sing in the sea 9 photos
morris and dance teams 122 photos
procession torches and fireworks 33 photos
pub entertainment 18 photos
Sidmouth horse trials 34 photos
the Bulverton 12 photos
working the sea and Kith and community 7 photos

performer galleries

Alice Jones 3 photos
Blackmore Ceilidh 5 photos
Blackmore Harry Potter Ceilidh 16 photos
Brighde Chaimbeul 3 photos
Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita 27 photos
Chris Wood 2 photos
Crows 10 photos
Duncan Chisholm 10 photos
Grand Workshop Showcase 42 photos
Halsway Young Folk 9 photos
Jacquelyn Hynes 5 photos
Jim and Lynette Eldon 3 photos
Jim Causley Trio 9 photos
Jimmy Aldrige and Sid Goldsmith 3 photos
Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker 7 photos
Lau 16 photos
Leveret 12 photos
Luascadh 11 photos
Ninebarrow 6 photos
Peter and Barbara Snape 4 photos
Purcell's Polyphonic Party Minor Contravention 15 photos
Roy Bailey and friends 16 photos
Sara Grey & Kieron Means 17 photos
Show of Hands and West Country Friends 29 photos
Sidmouth Town Band 8 photos
Siobhan Miller Trio 6 photos
Slow Moving Cloud 6 photos
The Changing Room 7 photos
The Drystones 9 photos
The Feis Rois Ceilidh Trail 6 photos
The Fisherman's Friends 7 photos
The Spooky Men's Chorale 14 photos
Where My Wellies Take Me 8 photos
Yves Lambert Trio 24 photos
Zulu Tradition 18 photos

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