Rhythmtree 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 13th to Sunday 15th July 2018
Three Gates Farm, Shalfleet, Calbourne, Isle of Wight, PO30 4NA, England MAP
£90 for the weekend
daily capacity: 2000
last updated: Wed 20th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) 4 Dgs
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) 77/78
Sat 14th, Little Woods(TBC) TBA
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(TBC) TBA
Sun 15th, Little Woods(TBC) TBA
Sun 15th, Little Woods(TBC) TBA
Sun 15th, Little Woods(TBC) TBA
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Afriquoi
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Amaraterra
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Atlantico
Fri 13th, Little Woods(C) Blanty & Mackie
Sun 15th, Little Woods(C) Blanty & Mackie
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Bobby I Can Fly
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Boca
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Bruch
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Carolyn Striho
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Cat Skellington
Fri 13th, Didg Cafe(C) Claydon Connor
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Continental Drifts
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Dasl
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Dayita
Fri 13th, Little Woods(C) Deborah Rose
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Deborah Rose
Fri 13th, Didg Cafe(C) DopeSickFly
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Elles Bailey
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Eton Girls Choir
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Fake Sheiks
Sun 15th, Jill's Woods(C) Feck
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Freak Power
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Holly Kirby
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Hymn For Her
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Ian A. Anderson
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Jo Harmon
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Jukebox Jazz
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Katy Hurt
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Keith Christmas
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) London Astrobeat Orchestra
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Lucas And Koing
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Ma Polaine's Great Decline
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Mad King Ludwig
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Marc Lebone
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Morcheeba
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Muntchako
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Musiko Musika
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Nadine Khouri
Sun 15th, Jill's Woods(C) Najma Akhtar
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) Nakamarra
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Offbeat Offensive
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) Omar Baba
Sun 15th, Main Stage(C) Orchestre les Mapelenga
Sun 15th, Jill's Woods(C) Paul Armfield Shhhhh
Fri 13th, Didg Cafe(C) Plastic Mermaids
Fri 13th, Didg Cafe(C) Platform 1
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Quimantu
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Rafiki Jazz
Sun 15th, Jill's Woods(C) Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Red Sqwrl
Fri 13th, Didg Cafe(C) Richard Morris
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Robert Chaney
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Ryde Ukulele Group
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Sagwah
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) Samba Stones
Fri 13th, Little Woods(C) Scott & Maria
Fri 13th, Little Woods(C) Silent Disco
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Silent Disco
Sun 15th, Jill's Woods(C) Slick Minded Individuals
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Slombers Woke
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Sol Grimshaw Trio
Fri 13th, Didg Cafe(C) Sounds of Harlowe
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) Space
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Spike Oatley
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Swan Levitt
Sun 15th, Jill's Woods(C) Tankus the Henge
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Temple Time Machine
Sun 15th, Didg Cafe(C) Tenderhooks
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) The Brand New Heavies
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) The Correspondents
Fri 13th, Main Stage(C) The Dance Preachers
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) The Ohmz
Sat 14th, Main Stage(C) The Reminders
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) The Well Oiled Sisters
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Vaguely Sunny
Fri 13th, Jill's Woods(C) Vote Pedro
Sat 14th, Jill's Woods(C) Weatherkings
Sat 14th, Didg Cafe(C) Xylaroo
Sat 14th, Little Woods(C) Zumba

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