Melt! Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 13th to Sunday 15th July 2018
Ferropolis, Grafenhainichen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany MAP
currently 129 euros for full w/e ticket
daily capacity: 20000
last updated: Mon 4th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 13th, Big Wheel(C) 0 [Phase] (live)
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Adana Twins
Fri 13th, Big Wheel(C) Adriatique
Sat 14th, Melt Stage(C) Alma
Fri 13th, Big Wheel(C) Amelie Lens
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Andhim
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Anna Haleta
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Answer Code Request (live)
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Antigone
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) Apparat (DJ set)
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Au/ra
Fri 13th, Forest Stage(C) Awesome Tapes From Africa
Sun 15th, Forest Stage(C) Baba Stiltz
Sun 15th, Melt Stage(C) BadBadNotGood
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Baltra
Fri 13th, Big Wheel(C) Ben Klock
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Binh
Fri 13th, Forest Stage(C) Bluestaeb Live
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Candy Pollard
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Carlos Valdes
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Catnapp
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Cem
Fri 13th, Melt Stage(C) Cigarettes After Sex
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Claire Morgan
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Cleveland
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) Coely
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Cormac
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Dana Ruh
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Daniel Haaksman
Sun 15th, Forest Stage(C) DJ Boring
Fri 13th, Big Wheel(C) DJ Hell
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) DJ Seinfeld
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Donna Leake
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Efdemin
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Ellen Allien
Sun 15th, Meltselektor(C) Erobique
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Faka (live)
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Fatima Al Qadiri
Sun 15th, Meltselektor(C) Fatima Yamaha
Sat 14th, Melt Stage(C) Fever Ray
Sun 15th, Melt Stage(C) Fischerspooner
Fri 13th, Melt Stage(C) Florence + The Machine
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) George Fitzgerald (live)
Sat 14th, Melt Stage(C) Gurr
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) HAAi
Fri 13th, Forest Stage(C) Henry Wu
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Hidden Spheres
Sun 15th, Big Wheel(C) Honey Dijon
Sat 14th, Melt Stage(C) Hundreds
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) iamDDB
Sun 15th, Forest Stage(C) Illum Sphere
Sat 14th, Big Wheel(C) Inga Mauer
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Jayda G
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Jon Hester
Fri 13th, Melt Stage(C) Jon Hopkins
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Junglepussy
Fri 13th, Melt Stage(C) Kali Uchis
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Kedr Livanskiy
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) Kid Simius
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Kim Ann Foxman
Fri 13th, Melt Stage(C) Klee
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) Kuso Gvki
Sat 14th, Big Wheel(C) La Fleur
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) Lanark Artefax (live)
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Layton Giordani
Fri 13th, Forest Stage(C) Lehult
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Leo Pol (live)
Sun 15th, Melt Stage(C) Little Dragon
Sat 14th, Big Wheel(C) Lucy
Sun 15th, Forest Stage(C) Luz1e
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Marc Miroir
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) Mavi Phoenix
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Mirella Kroes
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) Modeselektor (live)
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) Modeselektor (live)
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Moscoman
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) Moses Sumney
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) Mount Kimbie
Sun 15th, Meltselektor(C) Mura Masa
Fri 13th, Big Wheel(C) Nastia
Sat 14th, Big Wheel(C) Nina Kraviz
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Noritsu
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) NOVAA
Sat 14th, Melt Stage(C) Odesza
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Oliver Hafenbauer
Sun 15th, Big Wheel(C) Or:La
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Orson Wells
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) Palms Trax
Sun 15th, Melt Stage(C) Parcels
Sun 15th, Meltselektor(C) Princess Nokia
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Project Pablo
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) Public Viewing
Sun 15th, Meltselektor(C) Public Viewing
Fri 13th, Forest Stage(C) Re:boot Soundsystem
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) Rex Orange County
Fri 13th, Melt Stage(C) Rin
Sat 14th, Big Wheel(C) Robag Wruhme
Sat 14th, Big Wheel(C) Roman Flugel
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Rone
Fri 13th, Forest Stage(C) S. Fidelity
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) Santino Le Saint
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Sedef Adasi
Sat 14th, Meltselektor(C) Sevdaliza
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) Siriusmo
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) Smerz
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Somewhen
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) Superorganism
Sun 15th, Big Wheel(C) The Black Madonna
Sat 14th, Melt Stage(C) The Blaze
Sat 14th, Forest Stage(C) The Busy Twist
Sat 14th, Superdry Sounds(C) The Hacker Pres. Amato (live)
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) The Internet
Sun 15th, Melt Stage(C) The xx
Sun 15th, Big Wheel(C) Tijana T
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) Tommy Cash
Sun 15th, Melt Stage(C) tUne-yArDs
Fri 13th, Melt Stage(C) Tyler, the Creator
Fri 13th, Sleepless Floor(C) Victor
Sat 14th, Sleepless Floor(C) Vincent Neumann
Sun 15th, Sleepless Floor(C) Westbam
Sat 14th, Melt Stage(C) WhoMadeWho
Fri 13th, Superdry Sounds(C) Yellow Days
Fri 13th, Big Wheel(C) Zenker Brothers
Fri 13th, Meltselektor(C) Zhu

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