Leopallooza Festival

last updated: Tue 16th Jun 2020

Leopallooza is a small festival held since 2006, which happens at Week St Mary, near Bude, in North Cornwall.

This event is billed as a place where live music, tents, alcohol, good good people, sausages, sun, mud, burning cars, appreciation of the north Cornish nation, cider, neon, power riffs, straw, rain, rumours, fields and portatoilets collide.

The Leopallooza centrepiece is a car, which is loaded with wood and set on fire. It has had different guises in the past including a Zebra and the General Lee.

The festival site is built using reclaimed materials, wherever possible, making the handcrafted stages/bar/eatery unique and a welcome alternative to Formica and steel.

A crew of friends dedicated to the local music scene help build and maintain the festival site year round. They design the leaflets, organise the marketing and sell the tickets. They even work on the night and forego the partying (at least until later on.)

Organisers announced the festival would take a year out in 2015.

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