Kelburn Garden Party 2017 Line-up And Rumours

Kelburn Garden Party 2017

Friday 30th June to Monday 3rd July 2017
Kelburn Country Park, Largs, Ayrshire, KA29 0BE, Scotland MAP
£104 for weekend, children 5-12s £21, under 5s free
Daily capacity: 1,300
Last updated: Wed 26th Apr 2017

(C) = Officially Confirmed, (SC) = Self Confirmed, (SR) = Strong Rumour, (R) = Rumour

Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) 47soul
Fri 30th, The Saloon(C) Addison Groove
Fri 30th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Agbeko
Sat 1st, Square Stage(C) Akala
Sun 2nd, Square Stage(C) Ali Affleck & The Copper Cats
Sun 2nd, Square Stage(C) Banjo Lounge 4
Sat 1st, Square Stage(C) Be Charlotte
Sun 2nd, The Beech Plateau(C) Beech Plateau In Dub
Sun 2nd, The Beech Plateau(C) Beech Plateau In Dub
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Black Diamond Express
Sun 2nd, Square Stage(C) Bombskare
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Callum Easter
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Cosmo Sheldrake
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Dead White Males
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Ded Rabbit
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Delivery Room
Fri 30th, The Landing(C) Dizraeli & Downlow
Sat 1st, The Landing(C) DJ Food
Sun 2nd, The Landing(C) Dominik Eulberg
Fri 30th, The Saloon(C) Electrikal Sound (DJ Set)
Sun 2nd, Square Stage(C) Elephant Sessions
Sun 2nd, Smugglers Tent(C) Elephant Sessions
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Ezra Collective
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Flamingods
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Forever
Sat 1st, The Landing(C) Frogbeats
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Half Formed Things
Fri 30th, Square Stage(C) Hot 8 Brass Band
Sat 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Jackal Trades
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Jambouree
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Jayda G
Fri 30th, The Landing(C) Jinx In Dub
Sat 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Josephine Sillars
Sat 1st, Square Stage(C) K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade
Sat 1st, The Landing(C) Kelvin 373
Fri 30th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Lel Palfrey
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Lieko Quintet
Sun 2nd, The Beech Plateau(C) Main Ingredient
Sun 2nd, The Saloon(C) Main Ingredient
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Man of Moon
Fri 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Medicine Men
Sat 1st, Smugglers Tent(C) Mikey Kenney
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Monticule
Fri 30th, Square Stage(C) Mouse Outfit ft Dr Syntax
Fri 30th, The Landing(C) Mr Key
Fri 30th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Mr Scruff
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Mungo's Hi-Fi ft. Charlie P
Sun 2nd, The Saloon(C) Niknak
Fri 30th, Viewpoint Stage(C) Nipples Of Venus
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Numbers
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Octo Champ
Sat 1st, The Beech Plateau(C) Old School Acid House Rave
Sat 1st, The Landing(C) Om Unit
Fri 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Posable Action Figures
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Prince Fatty ft. Horseman
Sat 1st, Square Stage(C) Pronto Mama
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Samedia Shebeen
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Samson Sounds
Sat 1st, Square Stage(C) She Drew The Gun
Sun 2nd, Viewpoint Stage(C) Ska Ya Man
Sat 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Spring Break
Fri 30th, Square Stage(C) Supa & Da Kryptonites
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) Teek
Sun 2nd, Pyramid Stage(C) The Honey Farm
Sat 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) The Jellyman's Daughter
Sun 2nd, Square Stage(C) The Katet
Fri 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) The Mean Reds
Fri 30th, Smugglers Tent(C) The Odd Beats
Sun 2nd, Square Stage(C) Viper Swing
Sun 2nd, The Saloon(C) We Should Hang Out More
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Werkha b2b Contours
Sat 1st, Viewpoint Stage(C) Werkha b2b Contours
Sat 1st, Smugglers Tent(C) Whiskey Moon Face
Fri 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Yoko Pwno

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