Green Meadows Festival 2017 line-up and rumours

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th August 2017
Elton Hall Estate, nr Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE8 6SH, England
£85 for adults (18+), £25 for youths (13-17), £10 for Children (4-12)
daily capacity: 3000
last updated: Fri 27th Oct 2017

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 11th, The Den(C) 4 Colours
Sun 13th, The Village(C) 5 Hills Out
Sat 12th, The Den(C) Adam S
Fri 11th, The Den(C) Apez Edits
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) Bud
Sun 13th, The Garden(C) Carl Sayers
Sun 13th, The Den(C) Casa Vida
Sun 13th, The Den(C) Chester Gorgeous
Fri 11th, The Meadow(C) Colour Colour
Sat 12th, The Garden(C) Danny Rampling
Sat 12th, The Garden(C) Dirty Housewives
Sat 12th, The Den(C) Disco Sucks
Sat 12th, The Den(C) DJ Clarkefader
Fri 11th, The Den(C) DJ Gee
Fri 11th, The Den(C) Dr Horn
Sat 12th, The Den(C) Dr Pete
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) Echo Town
Sat 12th, The Den(C) Eclectic Ballroom
Fri 11th, The Garden(C) Featurecast
Sat 12th, The Village(C) FES
Fri 11th, The Den(C) Fred Naked
Fri 11th, The Garden(C) Funkliners
Sat 12th, The Garden(C) Gawp
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) Golden Bantic
Fri 11th, The Den(C) Henry Kirkup
Sat 12th, The Village(C) History and Lore
Sat 12th, The Village(C) Hoshino
Sat 12th, The Village(C) Idolising Nova
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) Innereyefull
Sat 12th, The Village(C) Jim Bob Carter
Sat 12th, The Den(C) Jim Green Northern Soul
Fri 11th, The Garden(C) Jimi Needles
Sun 13th, The Garden(C) Jo G
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) Katie O'Malley
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) Latino Sound
Sun 13th, The Village(C) Le Brock
Sat 12th, The Village(C) Matt Hammond
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) Matt Woosey
Sat 12th, The Village(C) Morganway
Fri 11th, The Village(C) Mortal Tides
Fri 11th, The Meadow(C) Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer
Fri 11th, The Village(C) Nigel Clark
Fri 11th, The Den(C) Nightsweats Music
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) Oscar Corney
Sun 13th, The Den(C) Oscuro
Sat 12th, The Garden(C) Ozone Breakdown
Fri 11th, The Garden(C) Pimpsoul
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) Reverend And The Makers
Sun 13th, The Den(C) Rugrat
Fri 11th, The Village(C) Scarlet
Sun 13th, The Garden(C) Shades Of Rhythm
Fri 11th, The Meadow(C) Shaka Loves You
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) Shanty
Fri 11th, The Garden(C) Stanton Warriors
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) Stereo MC's
Sat 12th, The Garden(C) Steve Andrews
Fri 11th, The Meadow(C) Sugar Hill Gang
Fri 11th, The Den(C) Supertanker
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) The Candle Thieves
Fri 11th, The Meadow(C) The Gangsters
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) The Hummingbirds
Fri 11th, The Den(C) The Johnny Cabbage Show
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) The Ragamuffins
Sun 13th, The Meadow(C) The Soul Rays
Fri 11th, The Village(C) The Space Between
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) Tom Lumley
Fri 11th, The Garden(C) Toy Beats
Sat 12th, The Meadow(C) Winachi Tribe

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