Endorse-It In-Dorset 2009 line-up and rumours

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th August 2009
Cranborne Chase, Dorset, England MAP
£68 for the weekend, child 11-16 years £35, 10 and under £10
daily capacity: 2500
last updated: Wed 5th Aug 2009

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Abdoujaparov
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Achilles
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Animal Talent Show
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Attila the Stockbroker
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) Attila the Stockbroker
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Austin Grey
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Back To The Planet
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Big Red Ass
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Blaggers ITA
Fri 7th, Wildcat Stage(C) Bosch Stacey
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) Carpe Cerevisi
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Cash Converted
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Circle J
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) CityStereo
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Cracked Actors
day TBC, unknown stage(TBC) Dan Smith
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Dead Plants
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) DJ Scratchy
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Dr Dawsons Band
Fri 7th, Main Stage(C) Dreadzone
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Drookit Dogs
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) Dub Heart
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Dusty Cuts
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Eat Static
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Ed Rome
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) Ed Rome
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) Elijah Wolf
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) Farmageddon
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Fat Drunk Stupid
Fri 7th, Main Stage(C) Flipron
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Gerry del-Guercio
Fri 7th, Main Stage(C) God Head
Fri 7th, Main Stage(C) Graveyard Johnnys
Fri 7th, Wildcat Stage(C) Guitar Guitar
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Guns of Navarone
Fri 7th, Wildcat Stage(C) Henry's Phonograph
Fri 7th, Wildcat Stage(C) Hip Fandango
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Inner Terrestrials
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) Jack Rabbit Blood
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Just Muzza & Mates
Sun 9th, unknown stage(C) Kentucky Fight Club
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) King Porter Stomp
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Looper
Fri 7th, Wildcat Stage(C) Los Albertos
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Meat Draw
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Mikey Dread
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Miners Club
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Molara
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Monkeyrush
Fri 7th, Wildcat Stage(C) Moosehead
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) New Groove Formation
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Optic Nerves
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Pablo and the Paintset
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Pama International
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Port Erin
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Powersteppers
Fri 7th, Main Stage(C) Pronghorn
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Pye Shoppe
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Randy & Earl's Old Record Club
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Rat Race
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Revere
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Sham 69
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) SixNationState
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Steranko
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Subgiant
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) Tarantism
day TBC, Wig-on Casino(C) The Boot Hill All Stars
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) The Early Swerve
Sun 9th, Wildcat Stage(C) The Flaming Czars
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) The Lucky Sevens
Fri 7th, Main Stage(C) The Monster Trucks
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Peeping Toms
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) The Splitters
Fri 7th, Main Stage(C) The Urban Voodoo Machine
Sat 8th, Wildcat Stage(C) Tofu Love Frogs
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Toupé
Fri 7th, Wildcat Stage(C) Tragic Roundabout
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Trailer Trash Orchestra
Sat 8th, Main Stage(C) Who's Afear'd
Sun 9th, Wig-on Casino(C) Who's Afear'd
Sun 9th, Main Stage(C) Zion Train

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