Cambridge Folk Festival 2019 line-up and rumours

Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th August 2019
Cherry Hinton Hall Grounds, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 8DW, England MAP
£179 for the weekend, camping extra
daily capacity: 14000
last updated: Tue 2nd Jul 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 2nd, Stage 2(C) AK Patterson
Sat 3rd, Stage 2(C) Amy Montgomery
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Archie Faulks
Fri 2nd, Club Tent(C) Becky Langan
Thu 1st, Stage 2(C) Ben Caplan
Fri 2nd, Stage 1(C) Ben Caplan
Thu 1st, The Den(C) Ben Denny Mo
Thu 1st, Club Tent(C) Bryony Griffith
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Caitlin Gilligan
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Calum Gilligan
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) Cattle & Cane
Sun 4th, Club Tent(C) Chartwell Dutiro
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) Chloe Foy
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) Chris Fox
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Cooked Weather
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Copper Viper
Sun 4th, Stage 2(C) Dylan Menzie
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Emily Mae Winters
Sun 4th, Stage 2(C) Fisherman's Friends
Sat 3rd, Stage 2(C) Fofoulah
Fri 2nd, Stage 1(C) Graham Nash
Sat 3rd, Stage 1(C) Gruff Rhys
Sun 4th, Stage 1(C) Imarhan
Sun 4th, Stage 2(C) Jack Broadbent
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) Jack Rutter
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Jacob & Drinkwater
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) Jamie Yost
Sun 4th, Stage 2(C) Jarrod Dickenson
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Jonas and Jane
Fri 2nd, Stage 1(C) Jose Gonzalez
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Joshua Burnside
Fri 2nd, Stage 1(C) Karine Polwart
Thu 1st, The Den(C) Katey Brookes
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) Katherine Priddy
Fri 2nd, Stage 1(C) Kerri Watt
Thu 1st, Club Tent(C) Lieutenant Leek
Sat 3rd, Stage 2(C) Lisa O'Neill
Sat 3rd, Stage 1(C) Lucinda Williams
Thu 1st, The Den(C) Lucy Grubb
Fri 2nd, Club Tent(C) Lucy Ward
Sat 3rd, Stage 2(C) Mad Dog Mcrea
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Masta T
Sat 3rd, Club Tent(C) Maz O'Connor
Fri 2nd, Club Tent(C) Nancy Kerr
Sat 3rd, Stage 1(C) Nick Mulvey
Thu 1st, Club Tent(C) Old Man Luedecke
Sun 4th, Club Tent(C) PicaPica
Sat 3rd, Stage 2(C) Rachael Dadd
Thu 1st, Stage 2(C) Ralph McTell
Sun 4th, Stage 1(C) Roo Panes
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Rosie Carney
Thu 1st, Club Tent(C) RuRa
Fri 2nd, Stage 1(C) RuRa
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Rusty Shackle
Thu 1st, Stage 2(C) Sam Sweeney
Sun 4th, Stage 2(C) Sarah Darling
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) Shadowlark
Sun 4th, Stage 1(C) Sing4sane
Sun 4th, Stage 2(C) Siobhan Miller
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Stables
Sat 3rd, Stage 1(C) Talisk
Sat 3rd, Club Tent(C) Talisk
Thu 1st, The Den(C) The Frampton Sisters
Fri 2nd, The Den(C) The Gentle Good
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) The Marriage
Thu 1st, Stage 2(C) The Rails
Fri 2nd, Stage 1(C) The Tweed Project
Sat 3rd, Club Tent(C) The Unthanks
Sun 4th, Stage 1(C) The Unthanks
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) The Vanguards
Sat 3rd, Stage 2(C) Tunng
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Windjammer
Sat 3rd, The Den(C) Winter Springs
Sun 4th, The Den(C) Young Monarch

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