Blissfields Festival 2016 line-up and rumours

Thursday 30th June to Saturday 2nd July 2016
Vicarage Farm, Woodmancott, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 3BL, England MAP
£105 for weekend
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Tue 26th Apr 2016

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) $ugar Danny
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) 0nly
Thu 30th, The Larch(C) Ambrose
Sat 2nd, The Larch(C) Andy Comley
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Babyfuture
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Badgers
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Barely Legal
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Beans on Toast
Sat 2nd, The Larch(C) Beans on Toast
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Big Chief Yella Teeth
Fri 1st, Manor Stage(C) Billie Marten
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Bitr8
day TBC, The Den(C) Blaenavon
day TBC, The Den(C) Blue House
day TBC, Blisscotheque(C) Blushed
day TBC, The Den(C) Bully Bones
day TBC, The Den(C) Cassava
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) Cauldronated
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Chromatouch
day TBC, Hidden Hedge(C) Circo Inferno
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) Co:Lateral
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Crippled Rock
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) Dah Rhyl Gah Moor
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Damaged Goods
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Dan Hayes (Subgiant)
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) Danzai
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Dataline
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Deadproud
Thu 30th, Hidden Hedge(C) Dean Dubba Hall
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) Diarmo
Thu 30th, Hidden Hedge(C) Digits McPhee
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Dizzee Rascal
Thu 30th, Hidden Hedge(C) Doktor Mohlberg
day TBC, The Den(C) Drones Club
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Dub Pistols
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Dub Pistols (DJ Set)
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Ethan Ash
Fri 1st, Manor Stage(C) Everything Everything
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Felix Hagan
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Fervent
day TBC, The Den(C) Flight Brigade
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Foor
Fri 1st, Manor Stage(C) Frances
Thu 30th, The Den(C) Frankie Forman
Thu 30th, The Den(C) Frankie Forman
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Gabby Colledge
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Gecko
Sat 2nd, The Larch(C) Glass
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Guy Hauben
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Gypsy Disco
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Gypsy Jukebox
Sat 2nd, The Larch(C) Harry & the Gondolas
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Head North
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Hey Charlie
Fri 1st, Manor Stage(C) Honne
Fri 1st, Manor Stage(C) Isaac Gracie
Thu 30th, The Larch(C) Jack Williams
Sat 2nd, The Larch(C) Jake Gauntlett
Thu 30th, The Larch(C) Jonas Alaska
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Jones
Thu 30th, The Larch(C) Josh McCormick
day TBC, The Den(C) Josh Savage
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Junco Shakers
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Juturna
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) K1r3y
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Kidd
Thu 30th, Hidden Hedge(C) KMP
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Logan Sama
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Loyle Carner
day TBC, The Den(C) LST
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Mary Miss Fairy
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) Matteo
Thu 30th, Hidden Hedge(C) MC Mike Wiley
Fri 1st, Manor Stage(C) Melt Yourself Down
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Mini Da Minx
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) MOK
Thu 30th, The Den(C) Molotov Jukebox
Thu 30th, The NOW Stage(C) Molotov Jukebox
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Morgan Hislop
Thu 30th, The Larch(C) Nadia Nair
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Naina
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Naina
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) Nick Onley
day TBC, The Den(C) Norman Jay
day TBC, The Den(C) One Step Too Late
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Rationale
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Ratzi
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Rich Lown
Fri 1st, The Larch(C) Sam Brothers
day TBC, Hidden Hedge(C) Science of Eight Limbs
day TBC, The Den(C) Screaming Peaches
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Seb Marx
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Serial Killaz
Thu 30th, Blisscotheque(C) Shorebitch
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Shy FX
day TBC, The Den(C) Silent Forum
Thu 30th, The Den(C) Son Of Dave
Thu 30th, The NOW Stage(C) Son Of Dave
Sat 2nd, Manor Stage(C) Spring King
day TBC, The Den(C) Subgiant
day TBC, The Den(C) Sundara Karma
Fri 1st, Manor Stage(C) Swim Deep
Thu 30th, The Den(C) The Church
day TBC, The Den(C) The Diamond Age
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) The Great One
day TBC, The Den(C) The Lost Boys
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) The Subgiant Soundsystem
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) The Tribe
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) The Urbanizer
Thu 30th, The Den(C) Too Many T's
Thu 30th, The NOW Stage(C) Too Many T's
Sat 2nd, The Larch(C) Tusks
Fri 1st, Blisscotheque(C) Unattached
Fri 1st, Hidden Hedge(C) VJ L'Aubine
Thu 30th, The Den(C) Will Varley
day TBC, The Larch(C) Willowen
Thu 30th, The Larch(C) Wyldest
Sat 2nd, Blisscotheque(C) Yes Tom
day TBC, The Bay(C) Z List DJs
Sat 2nd, Hidden Hedge(C) Zuu Music

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