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  1. Please help me i'm not excited!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Please help me i'm not excited!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Get the glasto films on! Glastonbury man and julian temples Glastonbury after dark whilst reading torts Glastonbury website.
  3. Best place to party Wednesday night?

    Check out mad dog mcrae 11pm small world stage
  4. How much money are you taking?

    Taking 300 but also have 3 litres of rum , going to spend a tenner on dry food and another 10 on disposable cameras. I hope to have change and spend not to much on wed and just a coffee and breakfast mon.
  5. Top 3 Must Sees

    Mark lanegan, liam g, future islands.
  6. Any food & drinks tips for a newbie?

    Bagels with peanut butter and jam for breakfast, slice the bagels pre glasto, filling.
  7. TBAs

    Joe goddard and raf daddy, joe on the park sat and i foget where raf daddy is playing sorry
  8. New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    Got the 3 man fresh and black for 1, tempted to pop it up but not got the energy to pop it back.
  9. TBAs

    Both of the bears from 2 bears playing separate so them or id like hot chip, brilliant at nos alive.
  10. The 2017 what tent are you taking thread

    https://www.decathlon.co.uk/2-seconds-easy-iii-freshblack-pop-up-tent-3-man-id_8357353.html goodbye pesky morning sun
  11. Self Confirmed 2017

    They serve nice cocktails and when i was ordering the guy was pretty much making them as strong as you wanted, we found the front was a little crowded but when in as ample room to have a little dance for an hour.
  12. Legends Slot

    Dolly and lionel were just really good bookings available at the time. The year before that Kenny was well received but nothing of that scale and i see Barry Gibb in the same way. I was looking at his most recent setlists (not that recent) i wasnt familar with quite a few, hopefully he just whips out the hits, but tbh i find his singing voice to weird and might miss.
  13. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    If the manic street preachers play as they are strongly rumoured, where would they slot? Love to see them before radiohead. Sorry if already asked, was excited seeing them as SR
  14. Foos and 3 hour set

    Dave Grohl also said foo fighters planned to do 30 nights at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, should that also be a thread?