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  1. Cheers
  2. I wasn't going to go at all this year but decided on taking the Mrs for Aerosmith, she's a fan of the commercial stuff. I'm happy with Orange Goblin, Airbourne, Dead Daisies, Cadilac Three etc. Any other bands that anyone can recommend throughout the day?
  3. I've clearly missed something here but what's happened to this site?
  4. A great live band, well worth seeing. I've seen them a couple of times at Donington and enjoyed every set.
  5. How the fuck people can complain about the lineup so far is beyond me. It's worth the ticket money already.
  6. Donington 2012

  7. Should be interesting, so here goes...this is a Facebook game to see who reads posts or just trolls. So if you read this, leave me one word on how we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't just put a word and not copy

  8. Apparently they've found the body of the young lad who fell into the wear last week. RIP young man.

  9. Watching Slash, made in Stoke. Bit ironic really.

  10. The dark side tomorrow. Read into that as you will.......

  11. Well, Katy B had a lot to say didn't she?!

  12. Louis Theroux is looking a tad scared at times!

  13. What an absolute diving pillock Drogba is. FACT!

  14. You forget that Rick Allen only has one arm. Remarkable drummer. FACT.