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  1. Hi I see you're going to Beautiful Days...will also be there so hope to meet you and other Efesters :)

  2. Rush at the O2 Wednesday Just got back from the Newcastle and Birmingham gigs and they were epic....
  3. Tuna? have you tried them on that?
  4. They were at EOTR in 2008... We ate there a couple of times.... Very good.
  5. She's been keeping me company over the last few days when I am not well... They know, it really spooky.
  6. Tribe of Frog, Very Very Special mates and Beetroot and Chocolate cake........
  7. currently watching (well waiting for) the maiden flight of the Boeing 787...... very excited....... :P
  8. I accidentally clicked on your profile and was about go back and then I saw your super awesome pic with hobo jones and the junkyard dogs! Was that at bearded this year???

  9. You make my time on here very difficult....... After reading that 20 times though..... you are right.......
  10. No I agree, but given the mass of Jupiter (even though it is a gas giant,) also given that these are not collapse stars (where we know the mass get into very very silly numbers) it must by definition be of quite a large size..... I like this vid to show the mass and over all size of things in the universe... Now we really are small, and they are really massive !
  11. MMmmm heads going to start hurting in a minute So given that the UDF shots taken by Hubble of the distant galaxies are of about 13 billion years old (its starting)... if you turn 180 degrees then look again how old are the galaxies there? cos if one side is 13 billion years old and the other side is something else then the distance from the farthest galaxy to the farthest galaxy must be great than 13 Billion years and that not much older than the big bang....... its gone sorry, head pain........
  12. Way to go on correcting my witty comment. However, irrespective of the size it is still going to be big given Jupiter.... So whilst I may have been loose in my use of the word "big" and given that these are planets and not dead stars.... it is going to be big...... Very BIG
  13. 5-10 times the mass of Jupiter Wow, that is..err Big.