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  1. I've got tattoo work off Frank and he loves doing the 9 - 5 stuff. He appears to be posting loads of Gallows stuff on Instagram at the moment though. Alexisonfire, shit the bed son. Missed the farewell shows but have spent countless hours on megabusses, national expresses and trains following them around the country.
  2. Just looked at last years clashfinder and saw JEW closed the lockup stupidly early, why was this? Will NFG be playing the same time?
  3. Are days confirmed other than NME & mainstage? Website is showing Django Django, Wombats, Frank Turner at Reading and Django Django, Frank Turner, Wombats at Leeds. Just seemed strange that the rest have been copied over in excatly the same order. And I'm clutching at straws at the Frank & Libs clash.
  4. Oh I'll give you that one. And yes it was Rex!
  5. Can't remember off top of my head, used to go TITP & Glasto. Pretty sure he met his other half on here too think she was called Rachel.
  6. I believe I did, you were camped white near a fence if my memory runs right.
  7. HAHAHA. Holy fuck, I've not heard about that for years. What a dick.
  8. Whats wrong with The Subways? Tings I watched at TITP whilst waiting for British Sea Power, and at no point did I say they were any good, just saying female related bands I've seen.
  9. Paramore are tosh too. As is Blondie. Loads of good female pop artists out there but none I'd be willing to go and see.
  10. Oh I've seen The Ting Tings and The Subways, I'd watch subs again but can;t think of anyone else.
  11. To the person who posted the female artists, I can't think of a single female I've seen live or one I'd want to.
  12. Ian Brown solo.
  13. Frank Turner
  14. The entire Friday is a write off, she'd only confirm that.
  15. Hoping for Cancer Bats to play Metallica day seeing as its my birthday.