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  1. Films

    I loved Moon. I told Treacle about moon (just general no plot or spoilers) and on the strength of Rockwell wannts to see it.
  2. Films

    Watched seven psycopaths last night and loved it. As usual Harelson and Walken put in great performances but Sam Rockwell stole the show. He really is one of this generations great but under rated performers.
  3. General News Discussion

    The uk based mainstream media have a horribly unbalanced view of the world. I find that Al Jazeera is less biased when reporting stories and do not just focus on tradgedies and events in "white" countries.
  4. Films

    Just watched Snow white and the huntsman, I thought it was an interesting retelling of an old fairytale. However my favourite film in the last while was Dredd, I even went to the pictures to see it in 3D the day it came out. For me it is the film that has made the best use of the technique, especially in the slo-mo scenes. The character of Joseph was captured perfectly by Urban but the premise of the film fitted with what I remembered with the rookie being in control of the patrol under the supervision of a senior judge impressed me greatly. I only hope they can some how justify a sequel.
  5. The Pets Thread

    I love Feijoa's wee face so cute. Is she a hooded rat or mainly brown with a white belly stripe. Thats what Basil looked like & he had cute wee white socks on his front feet. Damn you all i am edging even further towards getting a new rat
  6. The Pets Thread

    How surprised does this cat look
  7. The Pets Thread

    cats are EVIL
  8. The Pets Thread

  9. The Pets Thread

    Not a spider fan they are the one creature that gives me a dose of the heebies
  10. The Pets Thread

    They are trained to detect landmines & help with clearing mine fileds in africa, This is smoeone with one as a pet. I really want one now
  11. The Pets Thread

    was thinking the same thing but i was thinking of glasses full of rum & coke
  12. The Pets Thread

    All this remeniscing is really making me want to get myself another rat. Saw a really cool one on a news story recently it was a pouched rat & is about the same size as a large cat.
  13. The Pets Thread

    Still find it amusing you called your rat Satan culty
  14. The Pets Thread

    The problem with gerbils & hamster, etc is that if you let them out of the cage they run & hide then avoid you till you manage to recapture them. Rats on the other hand activley seek company & come straight to you
  15. The Pets Thread

    As long as you handle a rat regularly & interact with it then it will be a good pet, call it by its name regularly & when it comes to you after you call it by its name reward it with a treat or a tickle after a while it will come when you call its name. Basil used to love to sit on my shoulder & get under his chin tickled. One of his great loves was when i had a packet of ready salted crisps was to lick the remenants of salt from inside the pack but once i forgot to leave it out for him & threw it in the bin. I saw him leap up onto my bed & then wander to the bottom of it & start hunching up for a jump. He leapt & knocked over the bin, I couldnt see it as was hidden by the bed and wondered what he was up to, then the crisp packet with the back end of a rat hinging out of it came sliding into view. He was pushing into the corners but as he did proceded to slide his way across my bedroom floor til he hit the skirting board at the other side of the room

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