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  1. Wednesday/Thursday Recommendations

    I am child free on the wednesday and fancy doing a bar crawl. Will there be enough open to do a crawl?
  2. BBC Introducing lineup 2017

    Gaffe Tape Sandy sounds pretty decent after a first listen this morning.
  3. That one song !

    Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra A friend of mine has been to see Foo`s a few times recently and said they always cram a bit of Queen in there, so also them playing anything by them would also be brilliant.
  4. Really Big Secret - suggest your act here!

    The Prodigy
  5. "Really big secret"

    Are The Prodigy completely ruled out?
  6. See Coach times up?

    4am on the way back to Birmingham means Sunday all nighter is on the cards!!
  7. Just ordered an extra large. I will let you know how shite it is when it arrives!
  8. Took our kids in 15 and stayed in Bushy (generally stay there anyway). Really quiet, loads of space, nice toilets (nicer than anywhere else ive found anyway). Only downside is apart from silver hayes, its miles away from everything.
  9. Coach Resale

    nothing on wednesday
  10. Coach Resale

    im on pm me people
  11. Coach Resale

    Also trying too, be the first time ive tried for someone that isnt someone i know! Good luck people
  12. The Unsuccessful

    I will be at a computer this evening and happy to help anyone trying. I have quite a good record too in purchasing tickets everytime i have tried (normal and resale for others in 13, 14 & 15!)
  13. Camping Checklist

    That is exactly what i was thinking of. Thank you!
  14. Best acts you have seen at the festival

    oh Chems 2015
  15. Best acts you have seen at the festival

    Rolling stones 2013 Royal blood 2014 Eats everything @ arcadia 2014 Any Stanton Warriors sets

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