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  1. Lineup 2018

    Ahh okay, cheers
  2. Lineup 2018

    Anyone in here know if you can get Mad Cool weekend tickets? Or just the day tickets?
  3. Lineup 2018

    I’m gonna throw my final prediction in here as Royal Blood/Kendrick and AM. Did have Foos down for a long time but gonna change it to AM for that Leeds Sunday/Reading Saturday spot. Outsiders/Suprises: NGHFB and Florence.
  4. Lineup 2018

    Yeah that’s true I think they would have to sub like Liam last year and can’t imagine Noel wanting to sub.
  5. Lineup 2018

    If NGHFB’s are headlining Tramlines does that mean they are less likely for R&L? Did have them down as the surprise act.
  6. Lineup 2018

    Just a thought guys- If it is AM, foos and Kendrick, would it be possible for Royal Blood to headline NME whilst Kendrick is playing because they’d appeal to those going for Foos/AM, or are they just way too big for it?
  7. Lineup 2018

    Ah that’s fair enough I never knew that, was just a personal prediction
  8. Lineup 2018

    Could bring some hype over the weekend maybe? If the rumour of the new PR team is true then I suppose changing the announcement timing would make sense.
  9. Lineup 2018

    I think there’s a chance we could get something tonight saying there’ll be an announcement on Monday. 6PM is quite a common time for people to announce things. Just my personal opinion though
  10. Lineup 2018

    Catfish and Libertines doing Y Not. Anymore likely/less likely for R&L now?
  11. Lineup 2018

    Scotland is in the United Kingdom so yes.
  12. Lineup 2018

    To be fair if they can get Kasabian, Muse and Eminem surely they could get Foos, AM and Kendrick @Edduk98. Not really bothered who plays out of AM and Foos though as I'd love to see them both.
  13. Lineup 2018

    Can't see it personally by looking at their lineups in recent years. Suppose there's the very smallest chance if they want to make up for all of the trouble they had last year but I would say it is like 1% chance.
  14. Lineup 2018

    Will whoever gets announced for Y Not festival tonight have an effect on the R&L lineup?
  15. Lineup 2018

    This made me laugh.