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  1. I found other info here http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/reading/2017/ And it says Note: Tickets will not be on sale at the gate. There will be no box office of any kind. All tickets will be sent out to customers. Overseas customers will need to pick up tickets from The Hexagon. So I checked and the Hexagon is about 30 minutes walk from the venue.
  2. So I'll have to pick up tickets from the box office, since I live overseas. Where is it? What kind of documents do I need to pick up the tickets? The Ticketmaster FAQs said that it changes from venue to venue, so that wasn't much help. How can I get there, since I'm going to go to Reading by bus and it drops us off at the festival gates?
  3. Thanks! I got worried for a moment cause I wouldn't want to have to buy passports and stuff to get in
  4. I'm going with two friends to Reading on the 26th but we don't have passports or PASS IDs cause in our country we don't have them and to travel to the UK we just need an identity card. Will I need ID to get in? I don't understand from the website if ID is only needed to buy booze and stuff.

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