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  1. Seems pretty realistic. Only thing is I don't think they'd have Chvrches sub Bring Me and 21P. BMTH may have moved more towards pop, but not quite that far. I reckon put Enter Shikari and Neck Deep on the Friday and move Chvrches and the Hunna to Saturday.
  2. Download 2019

    Slipknot is probably more likely, but here's my take on BMTH, Pumpkins, and Metallica as a trio. Bring Me The Horizon / Enter Shikari / Architects / Pierce the Veil / Creeper / Crossfaith / Against Me! / Milk Teeth Alice in Chains Smashing Pumpkins / Weezer / The Gaslight Anthem / Bush / Bad Religion / Sleater-Kinney / Mudhoney / Andrew WK Slayer Metallica / Within Temptation / Ghost / Halestorm / Deafheaven / Behemoth / Code Orange / Employed to Serve All Time Low I was going to put Five Finger Death Punch below Metallica, but figured they might hold out to push them up as a headliner. I also decided to replace the classic rock day with a 90s day (plus Gaslight Anthem and Andrew WK). All in all, not particularly realistic but I think it could work.
  3. Lineup 2018

    Yeah, while I'm sure it still would have disappointed a lot of people, I think a trio of Royal Blood/Kendrick/Florence would have been really good.
  4. Lineup 2018

    Yeah, simultaneously the most recent and most dated headliner set. 2017 was an anomaly though, every other year since 2006 has had at least one new headliner. Plus I think Kendrick's great enough to undo the mediocrity of Panic's booking.
  5. Lineup 2018

    Not important in the slightest, but I'm pretty certain this will be the first year where none of the headliners released an album in the 20th century. I thought that was interesting.
  6. 2019 festival

    Royal Blood The 1975 Then one of Florence, Kanye, My Chem Reunion, or Imagine Dragons. Maybe co-headliners, I don't know. Just in case you thought I did know.
  7. Lineup 2018

    Yeah they really should've just tacked Queens on as the Friday headliner. Jack White would've also been an infinitely more interesting Sunday headliner. Serious question: would Arcade Fire go down better than KoL at RandL? Last album aside, Arcade Fire would definitely look better on the lineup to me, but I could just be biased (and I have no idea if they were available, either).
  8. Lineup 2018

    Yeah, not disputing the co-headliner thing. But other festivals will have headliners play smaller stages, some times clashing with other headliners. With all the weird choices they've made this year, I could see them at least experimenting with how headliners work. Not that I think it's likely.
  9. Lineup 2018

    Any chance they could just put Panic on the NME opposite Kendrick? I'd argue that's more of a headline spot than second last on main, and it would be a pretty good alternative for the FOB fans. And also leave open a more interesting sub for Kendrick.
  10. 2019 festival

    Franz Ferdinand Fall Out Boy Rolling Stones / All Time Low (co-headline)
  11. Lineup 2018

    Based on my skimming of the last 20 pages, I would say the two best options are: Foo Fighters / Kendrick / Florence Arctic Monkeys / Kendrick / Royal Blood I think either of those two would work well as they've got a hip hop headliner, a rock headliner, and an indie headliner. Foo Fighters / Kendrick / Royal Blood might upset the indie crowd, whereas I'm sure Arctic Monkeys / Kendrick / Florence would annoy the rock crowd. Could believe one of the latter two happening though. Just don't think it would go down as well.
  12. Lineup 2018

    I had a dream that Cloud Nothings were headlining in place of Royal Blood. But my dreams have not yet proven themselves to be as reliable as SomeoneListingIn so take it with a grain of salt.
  13. Lineup 2018

    Because he doesn't know just know just know just know just know just what you want.
  14. Lineup 2018

  15. Lineup 2018

    Well, there was also The Cramps and Pixies in 1990, which you skipped over for some reason. Not that 6 out of 30 is good either...

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