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  1. Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    Think we will get either levellers or kaiser chiefs or maybe both
  2. Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    Carnt c it mi old everybody seems to think thafs it
  3. 2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    I feel the same as u mandog headliners rubbish.like catfish but never a headliner.dmc cud b interesting libertines absolute shite but undercard doesn't look 2bad luv james src amozones ocs. Whatever still b a cracking weekend
  4. When do we think we will get another announcement. Coz i feel so deflated from the 1st
  5. Line up prediction game 2018

    Here goes mumford & sons libertines courteeners biffy clyro kooks pigeon detectives ub40 liam gallagher sherlocks cribs louis berry blossoms the waterboys the fratellis peter hook & the light the pale white callum beattie paul weller the cult elo
  6. Still think main stage looks light

    5 of them are for tday that leaves 17 and we had 25 for the fri sat sun last year. still think its short in my opinoin but still be a gudun
  7. Still think main stage looks light

    Is it just me but the main stage looks about 10to 15 acts short
  8. The main stage looks alot light

    Thanks pete.given em all a listen the ones u mentioned probz only circa waves ile go and c.but your right still a cracking weekend
  9. Who would you add from previous years

    Don't think the organisers look at this.to be honest coz if they did theye'd ave booked the courteeners
  10. The main stage looks alot light

    I thought it was a music festival
  11. The main stage looks alot light

    Not really feeling it pal.like i said in my opinoin its not as good as years gone by.
  12. The main stage looks alot light

    Well if thats how u think the layout going to be.i think i may just stay for the friday night.by the way shimmer band are thurs
  13. The main stage looks alot light

    Because in my opinoin there's not enough strengh in depth compared to the last two years that ive been
  14. The main stage looks alot light to me

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