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  1. Secret resales

    Clearly me neither haha!! Did you post yours on here?? I never saw it!
  2. Secret resales

    Dying to see who won the don't pee competition though!!
  3. Secret resales

    Ahhhh you positive lot have really cheered me up!! I was unlucky too after totally stalking the links and being in the 2nd what's app group! I don't feel so bad now though there's always next time! Plus other festivals and gigs this summer! *sunshine vibes*
  4. Secret resales

    i genuinley feel like this is a waste of time man #NEEDINGTHEREASURANCEVIBES
  5. Secret resales

    Hey lovelies! Could someone do me a favour an repost that tour link so i can paste it in a word document ready Thanks!! :)
  6. Secret resales

    Bang on!
  7. Secret resales

    hahaha! it is coldplay yes! however no fish involved :')
  8. Secret resales

    HAHAHAHA omg i literally do not stand a chance that is MINT!!!
  9. Secret resales

    of course! ps yours sounds mint mate SAVE THE FISH!
  10. Secret resales

    haha! ill totally show you in a few days just for a laugh at how bad it is :')
  11. Secret resales

    CAD .. if i'd done it by hand i'd have been messing around with it forever! i'd have never got it done in time!! cant wait to see the winner though!!
  12. Secret resales

    Niiiice! ... mine name dropped a headliner (pun logo) I don't know if thats allowed!?
  13. Secret resales

    whats this for sorry?
  14. Secret resales

    ahhh i'm too embarrassed i cant man! if i thought it was a winner i totally would aha!
  15. Secret resales

    It was more of like a poster than a logo! but i'm terrible at logos! ... was very colourful put it that way

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