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  1. Secret resales

    I'm saying goodbye to this thread now. I believe in giving people second chances and Scott has tried to say sorry, you may believe he doesnt mean it but you havent even given him a chance to try. For a group of people who claim to be so welcoming, some of the attitudes and comments I've seen over the past few days have reminded me of a school playground. I thought adults were supposed to know better. Some of you are no better than he is and you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  2. Secret resales

    I've got the same problem, don't have a second person
  3. Secret resales

    The consensus seems to be if it hasn't happened by mid next week it's not likely to. That being said, there is no pattern, so you never know.
  4. Secret resales

    Thanks for the upvote I don't disagree with you by the way.
  5. Secret resales

    Think this may have gone a bit far. Scott I hope you have a great Glastonbury, there are a lot of people in here who would desperately like to be there too. They don't want or need to hear criticism like that right now. Please be a little bit respectful of that.
  6. Secret resales

    Troll in the dungeon! There's a troll in the dungeon!
  7. Secret resales

    I got that joke, funny
  8. Secret resales

    Yeah didn't have a clue...
  9. Secret resales

    I don't get it
  10. Secret resales

    That's been there standard line every year, they aren't going to tell you when to buy them, we wouldn't all be here if that was the case.
  11. Secret resales

    Sorry I gave you an upvote to make up for it
  12. Secret resales

  13. Secret resales

    Nothing. I've actually just tested mine to see if it's working, it is.
  14. Secret resales

    They actually look like poo
  15. Secret resales

    I don't think this will influence whether a resale happens. I think if anything it may influence the link but that will be it.

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