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  1. sorry to see your epic battle of wills has mysteriously disappeared from the boards.

  2. aye, maybe not but there will always be more debates and its nice to have some one here who is knowledgeble yet not condecending with it. Anywho, if you dont want to come back, fair enough but you will be missed and your not a detriment to the site!

    More like a PM that was.

  3. Don't really have much left to say mate.

  4. oops, poorer i meant :P

  5. Come back Culty, the place is a pooer place without you :(

  6. ...all going swimmingly

    congratulations on the new job 5co77ie.
  7. confusion

    big news. Good luck with the new projects. Take some time off, maybe do some more practice with the choppers?
  8. the scores on the doors

    congratulations, from small acorns mighty oaks have grown it seems
  9. Sorry if I came across badly :( Im a nice person honest :)

  10. I miss you, its pretty Pants now youve all gone.

  11. Heyup,decided to add you as a friends so we dont look like complete loners.


  12. Nearly Happy Birthday to me

    Well, in less than 15mins I shall be 19. woo-bloody-hoo . . . Well another year down, many more to go. Heres to another year. *cheers*
  13. Well, hello

    Well, title says it all really. So, I've set myself up with another blogging cum space thingiemajob. Lets see if I can keep 3 of these things going. Oh, bit of news for you, Im off to cardiff for about 2 weeks so I shant have an Internet connection for awhile. Erm, thats about it, Peace out, Sheep21

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