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  1. Hey, what's best time to arrive on the Saturday to avoid waiting in a massive Que?
  2. Did anyone catch seasick Steve? I thought he was tremendous! But there's no footage anywhere I can find..pretty gutted
  3. The view, libertines, seasick Steve, catfish, Fatboy slim. Stereophonics, noel G.
  4. I get there were some issues at T this year, but man I had a really good time and didn't see anything untoward happening, nothing negative really at all. Apart from all the T heads moaning on the way in and throughout, about the lay out being shit compared to balado, quite crazy how everyone says its shit straight away, obviously it wasn't going to be easy finding our way around but holy shit man, if we are one thing as a nation of scots, we are a bunch of miserable moaning bastards lol. I just want to know one thing.... Is there a change that T could move back to balado or is this just rumour or wishful thinking? I thought the new site was OK, naturally there were gna be some teething problems but coupled with the attitude of drunken scots it created a ckusterfuck of moaning faced drunk mofos. Can't wait til.next year, well done T. They done what they could but as usual, folk cant make the most of a bad or not ideal situation and would rather baske in the negativity and moan about it than pull your shit together and make the most of it. PS.(not directer at you guys) Glad to see you guys enjoyed it. I just had to get this off my chest after seeing so much negative shit about it last few days.
  5. I've only just recently started listening to admiral fallow, pretty gutted they're on at the same time as the view..seen them loads but never disappoint. Tough one for me. Wanna check out a load of smaller bands as well over the weekend tho, not heard of many of them.
  6. Ahhahhahahaha class
  7. I agree haha
  8. Nice one, cheers. Hopefully the entrances go smoothly.
  9. Wondering when would be good to arrive on the Friday to miss the hours of waiting, got there too early before on the Thursday and took hours to que to get in.
  10. What entrance do guys reckon will be quitest/shorter ques?
  11. Looking good! Is that the pink campsite behind the trees on the right?
  12. Libertines, vaccines, seasick Steve, the view, admiral fallow, phonics and noel G,
  13. Worked at glasto and seen all the after party areas beyond the music, every day up for 5 days straight, 12 hours 8-8 working then down to see headliners and get lost in Shangri LA etc til 6am then washed and fed to start next shidft. glasto is, by far the king of festivals.
  14. Cheers mate, I'll check them out
  15. Just noticed the view are third on now, cos they've added a choir? Hopefully the times haven't changed much cos I was hoping to catch the view and admiral fallow who looked like were on after them on different stage...