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  1. TRNSMT Festival 2017

    The 1975 'Mcmlxxv (roman numerals) in English Equivalent to number 1975'
  2. Getting Press Passes?

    Hi, I run a music website and social media pages called The Indie Masterplan, I only started a few years back, but it has really taken off better then I thought. My next step, I would like to report from festivals, interview bands and review sets. This would be a first for me though, I am not 100% on how to gain this sort of pass and what my chances would be of obtaining one. Are they really picky? Would having the website increase my chances? I also help out promoting new bands in my 'Ones To Watch' section. Thank you for reading this, any help would be amazing, I don't want to just jump into contacting everyone, I want to make a smart, calculated approach.
  3. Best Kept Secret 2017

    Thinking of just getting a Sunday tIcket for Radiohead. The plan is... Get to Amsterdam Saturday morning, spend the day and night there, then get the train to BKS. what station would be best to head too, with accommodation and a shuttle bus to the festival? Cheers.

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