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  1. Bearded Theory 2015

    Thanks I turned up at Leeds fest a day late about 10 years ago and it was terrible! It was like trying to pitch your tent in a jungle!!! I still have nightmares about that day!
  2. Bearded Theory 2015

    Hi all. It's our first year coming to BT this year, however we cannot come till Friday afternoon due to work. We are coming with our 3 year old daughter and have quite a big tipi tent. Just slightly worried about pitching it. Having been to most of the big festivals, I know how fast campsites can fill up. Last thing I need is to turn up on Fri and be unable to pitch my tent. Does the campsite usually get rammed? Also is there a family campsite? Cheers
  3. Headliners 2015

    Thanks alot Erin Chocosnitch
  4. Bearded Theory 2015

    So, does anyone think we will get the final headline act before Christmas? I'm sure it said it would be revealed pre-Christmas. Would be a lovely present to find out on Thursday morning.
  5. Bearded Theory 2015

    What's the crack with Saturday headliner. Is the artist booked but BT are unable to announce? Or just not booked?
  6. Bearded Theory 2015

    Hmmmm. Wonder if we will get both Sat & Sun TBC tomorrow or just 1. It must be a crowd pulling act as they are trying to release the name ASAP. Either way I have just paid the balance off on my ticket. Roll on may!!! 1st time at Bearded Festival!
  7. Bearded Theory 2015

    Me & the wife are giving Bearded Theory a go this year. First time we have been and really looking forward to it. We usually go to Glastonbury however we have decided to leave it alone for a few years due to GF becoming far too much hastle & didn't enjoy it as much this year. Just wondered what to expect and if anyone had any tips?
  8. Arcade Fire

    This is great news. Im much more an AF fan that Pixies but would be more than happy to see them sub. Make sense too as id guess it would cut down on movement between stages between sub and headline. I presume most fans would watch both.
  9. Arcade Fire

    Arcade fire tube are reporting that AF are playing Dublin in June. No date though.
  10. Ello, please can you try:

    40574556 - RG247EE

    64684672 - BB113BJ

    Don't know if will work, probably all sold out but thanks hugely for trying for me :)