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  1. Football 16-17

    Utd City Chelsea Arsenal Spurs Liverpool West Ham Leicester Everton Southampton Stoke Sunderland Boro Watford Palace Swansea WBA Bournemouth Burnley Hull if I'm honest, I think we (Leicester) would be having a great season finishing there. I'd be super happy to finish mid table and get to a cup semi or get out of champs league group.
  2. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    Royal blood actually have riffs. I'm not a Biffy fan but there's some intricacies in there regardless. Seriously, savages seem to have basically none of that....
  3. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    It really doesn't tho. There's no decent riffs, it's got no balls and goes nowhere. I like my rock to actually have something interesting going on I agree Royal Blood and Biffy are rock though, not that I'm a Biffy fan. Still, 2 bands in the last 20 years? I think we do actually have some common ground, British rock/metal hasn't been the strongest in recent years, but there's still a dearth of rock/metal being nominated when some of the obscure shit that has been nommed exists!
  4. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    Is that genuinely supposed to rock? Because it doesn't....
  5. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    The Sikth album is a mini album so I'll give you that. Still, where's the punk? The prog? The bluesy hard rock? The doom? And yes the metal? in the last 20 years? Non-existent... Are you seriously telling me there's been no great albums in the last 20 years in any of those genres?
  6. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    There's usually at least 2-3 albums of obscure stuff that's nominated so if we're having to go back 20+ years to find a rock/metal album then there might just be a prejudice... are you telling me there's been no British rock and metal albums for over 20 years that have been worthy?
  7. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    You're putting words in my mouth there. I didnt say that. I said they ignore a huge section of the output of British bands. Not just metal. and I said two bands actually. I mentioned Sikth too. when end was the last time a rock/metal band was nominated? Note it's not just metal I've referred to, hence reference to Steven Wilson and The Heavy. Both are British rock acts who put out killer albums in the time frame. I accept British rock/metal hasn't been too great this year, but when was any ever Been nominated?
  8. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    Or on a metal bent, the new Sikth, newest Architects. Both killer records
  9. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    How about the new Steven Wilson LP? Or The Heavy's new one? neither are metal, both are rock music. I'd say the new Uncle Acid but that's also start of September. surely missing two months out doesn't represent everything either?
  10. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    Yep, I did. The maiden album. By your original post its eligible.
  11. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    Ah, ignorance is a wonderful thing. Bullet suck ass. They're kerrang metal for kiddies. See? Metalheads can be musical snobs too... seriously tho, if it's there to promote the best of British music then it has failed in its mission...
  12. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    So they can't claim to represent British music then can they?
  13. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    Well there's little point because when was the last time something like that was even considered? point still remains though, they can't claim to represent British music when the ignore a huge sector of it...
  14. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    Book of Souls released September last year. Fits in your bracket in original post. And there are are plenty of critically acclaimed rock and metal records, they're just routinely ignored. And Russy? I reckon 90% of what's nominated is shit but it still gets nominated.
  15. Mercury Music Prize 2016

    They don't recognise decent stuff either mind.... the mercury prize specifically says British music though, not British indie or whatever. I'm arguing it can't claim to represent British music if it won't acknowledge entire sectors of the British music output....