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  1. Things that annoy you ?

    Thank you Feral, you've genuinely made me LOL there!
  2. the best cover of all time?

    Yes! I was there for that. Phenomenal. If the original artist is singing is it still a cover tho?
  3. Football 2015/16

    Oh my. One win away! Never in my life did I expect to see my team in this position. Utter dreamland!
  4. Films

    It's what others have said too... Ain't just you!
  5. Comic Books

    I read war of kings. Heard good things from elsewhere re the cyclops solo and the Surfer stuff. Cheers!
  6. Comic Books

    Ok, so I've just had a headlong dive into the cosmic side of the Marvel U over the last couple of months. Read everything from "The End" all the way through to "The Thanos Imperative" and the two Annihilators mini series. Big question is, what do I go for next? Truthfully, I don't much care about the Earthbound stuff, so am looking for Cosmic followups. (I know I can go backwards and read all the stuff leading up to Infinity Gauntlet etc). I read the first two trades of the Bendis Guardians and whilst it's pretty fun, it's not a patch on the DnA Guardians. Help?
  7. Films

  8. Steelhouse Festival 2016

    Still got Hey Hello? They just cancelled their tour because the singer left...
  9. Things that ur happy about

    A) it's the Easter Holidays!! (I work in a school) and B ) As a result of working in a school I've got me a BBC MicroBit to play with over Easter. Awesome!
  10. Pop up

    Cheers dude!
  11. Pop up

    Just a quick one. One of the ads is causing a pop up trying to take me to the App Store each and every time I go into a page! Cheers Viewing on iOS on an iPhone 5. The app is William Hill Live Betting
  12. Download 2016

    Pretty damn chuffed with the Sunday, I like all the main stage bands, plus 7-8 others so far. Dear god, it's going to be clash city aint it?
  13. Got any gigs coming up?

    SikTh on Wednesday, supporting Slipknot at the Ally Pally. Never been there before. Should be awesome! (Can you guess who I'm really, really looking forward to on that bill? )
  14. Films

    Couple of mates went to see Empire Strikes Back last year and said it was the best film experience they'd ever had! Not sure that Matt has actually shut up about it since...
  15. Download 2016

    Cheers Lucky, I assume you mean Graveyard are Friday not Sunday Kadavar! Monster Truck! Electric FUCKING Wizard!! (I won't be lucky enough to get them 3 too I'm sure... I'm happy with Janes and AA tho but I second the question above?!)