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  1. Who's watching what on tv

    As someone who HASN'T read the comics I'm quite enjoying it 3 episodes in. :)
  2. Rugby World Cup 2015

    Look at that rucking going on in the second clip! They'd be off these days for reckless use of the boot! Great stuff. You lie on the wrong side expect to get a shoeing! (Which is absolutely as it should be if we're honest...)     
  3. Rugby World Cup 2015

    Yeah, the first global superstar, probably only Jonny Wilkinson and Dan Carter who've got to that level of non-rugby stardom.   An absolute monster of a man on the field, witness not bothering to run around Mike Catt in '95 and running straight over him instead. Aside from that, he always came across as a thoroughly decent bloke too.  In this current age of increasingly soulless rugby (at least in England, with the money grabbing, pay for success clubs like Saracens and Bath) he's a massive loss.  RIP Big Man
  4. Football 2015/16

    as a Leicester fan anything above 18th is good by me! Pretty much most fans thoughts I think. :)
  5. The Vinyl Thread

    It really is an absolute piece of piss tbh. Even when the belt comes off its pretty easy to put it back!
  6. Rugby World Cup 2015

    Have to say I did. England never looked pre-tourney to be good enough... I hope both us and you manage to beat the Aussies tho. Ain't happening mind...
  7. Got any gigs coming up?

    Off to see Dog Fashion Disco this evening! I'm ridiculously looking forward to it. Also The Wildhearts doing P.H.U.Q. tomorrow.
  8. WWE

    Slight hijack but I just met Mick Foley! Awestruck! (He's staying at the same hotel my sister's getting married in) Also spotted Booker T!
  9. The Vinyl Thread

    I've always used Audacity which can be a bit fiddly but IS free!
  10. Comic Books

    Unfortunately I think you're right.
  11. Who's watching what on tv

    Really enjoyed the Sellafield doc that was on BBC4 the other day. Really interesting and they got pretty awesome access too.
  12. Football 2015/16

    Chelsea City Arsenal Utd   Spuds Liverpool Southampton   Swansea Stoke Everton Newcastle West Ham Palace West Brom Leicester Villa Bournemouth   Norwich Sunderland Watford   Why are folk expecting Palace to be top mid-table?  They're surely a mid-ground team at best...   I think I've picked Bournemouth to survive purely on a misguided romanticism if I'm honest... 
  13. Football 2015/16

    I think Leicester played pretty well, scored 4, many more chances. I know it's only Sunderland, who can't defend for shit, but you can only play what's in front of you!
  14. The Vinyl Thread

    Just got a couple of bits; not bought any in ages!   Old Spiritual Beggars album "Ad Astra" on purple vinyl - Hard, bluesy, stoner kinda rock.  Shed loads of awesome riffs and great keys.     New Vintage Caravan LP "Arrival".  Bunch of Icelandic kids peddling uber 70's inspired bluesy hard rock.  Not exactly innovative but they do it well!     Now eyeing up a bunch of stuff on pre-order; new Clutch LP, new Kadavar (Sabbath worshipping hard rock from Berlin) and new Monster Magnet "re-imagining" of one of their old albums which could be mighty good fun!
  15. Got any gigs coming up?

    Just bought tickets for Dog Fashion Disco at Rock City in a couple of months, and for The Wildhearts/Hey! Hello! the night after.   Never seen DFD (but always wanted to) and seen The Wildhearts a bajillion times.  Both going to be sodding awesome.