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  1. Football 16-17

    Utd City Chelsea Arsenal Spurs Liverpool West Ham Leicester Everton Southampton Stoke Sunderland Boro Watford Palace Swansea WBA Bournemouth Burnley Hull if I'm honest, I think we (Leicester) would be having a great season finishing there. I'd be super happy to finish mid table and get to a cup semi or get out of champs league group.
  2. Football 16-17

    Mercenary money grabbing cock womble. He'll fit right in. That's it. Why he'd want to go sit on the bench for a team that aren't even in Europe next year over a guaranteed starting position in a team defending the title and in the Champions League lord alone knows...
  3. Football 16-17

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/36605999/swedish-footballer-sent-off-for-farting-on-the-pitch hahaha!
  4. home automation hardware/software

    Only time I've looked at such things is from a more "maker" POV. Ie raspberry pi/arduino (and other microcontrollers). A pi zero is only £4 (plus power and adaptors) so could be entertaining to use/geek with. My mate runs a mini cctv type thing through his which pushes an image to his phone/iPad when he requests it (it's setup to see who's at the door). Seen folk use stuff like an ESP8266 Thing (made by sparkfun) for lighting etc. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13231 that link is US but loads of UK suppliers! i appreciate ate none of this is entirely relevant!
  5. Things that ur happy about

    Cheers Yog. It's been a solid part of my life for two years now. Kinda at a loss now!
  6. Things that ur happy about

    I've finally finished my HNC by submitting my final project (the robot arms!). Ive got distinction in everything so far so I should get one overall. I really want a distinction in project though.
  7. Download 2017

    Get Kvelertak and Opeth on that Friday (instead of Hatebreed and Frank Carter) and I'd be all over a Friday ticket! That Saturday though is arse!! (Though I'd go see Crossfaith and Rancid...) Are we sure Misfits would be that high? Maybe a second stage headliner? I get it's a reunion of sorts but it seems over ambitious...
  8. Things that annoy you ?

    Thank you Feral, you've genuinely made me LOL there!
  9. Films

    It's what others have said too... Ain't just you!
  10. Films

  11. Things that ur happy about

    A) it's the Easter Holidays!! (I work in a school) and B ) As a result of working in a school I've got me a BBC MicroBit to play with over Easter. Awesome!
  12. Got any gigs coming up?

    SikTh on Wednesday, supporting Slipknot at the Ally Pally. Never been there before. Should be awesome! (Can you guess who I'm really, really looking forward to on that bill? )
  13. Films

    Couple of mates went to see Empire Strikes Back last year and said it was the best film experience they'd ever had! Not sure that Matt has actually shut up about it since...
  14. Things that ur happy about

    As a Leicester Tigers fan I'm pretty happy about beating Northampton. Also happy about Jim Mallinder moaning (as he does every time we win!) Local derby bragging rights are always good!
  15. Films

    I actually agree with virtually this entire post. Except the Spectre bit. It's middle ranking Bond (I still loved it). Fantastic Beasts looks quite intriguing actually. I'm less sure on new Trek. I loved the two JJ ones but this looks... Overdone?

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