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    I love Glastonbury! I have been going since 2004. I play in a band called Stone Them Crows. I am a photographer and make films and videos.
  1. I'm well excited! I've never seen him before. Neither has one of our group. He's a massive Morrissey fan and its his first glasto too. He's over the moon! ...Bet Morrissey's not though! (my tongue firmly in cheak)
  2. Here goes again then, hopefully it works this time... ...Taken by my mate, in Arcadia last year, on a disposable camera
  3. Oh damn! It didn't work! I tried to copy and paste a photo from my computer cos I don't have a URL address for it. Any way I can get the photo up without one?
  4. My friend took this at Arcadia last year on a disposable camera