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  1. Dont do it, turns to glue. Sudocrem is your friend.
  2. Thanks mate. Much appreciated.
  3. Hope this isn't true was thinking of going in this direction. From what I could tell it wasn't closed till the Monday. Can't see it being closed this early anyway.
  4. Hows the A371 stretch from Cheddar to Shepton on the Wednesday please? Thinking of a stop over Tues now near site then hopefully a quieter way in than m5>A39>a361. Ta.
  5. Was gonna do a dry run of loading up my wheelbarrow with what little ive already got together, couldn't really be arsed so just give it a push round the garden empty, the wheel squeaked put a drop of cooking oil on it. Sorted. Productive day for me that.
  6. Receptionist will do you a print out save getting an appointment or if you have the box just cut the label bit with your name on out and take that with your strip.
  7. Not if you have your name on them on the box, I take a few different ones and find its a ball ache to take the boxes so just cut out the prescription print off out the boxes and take the strips of meds in a zip bag with the bits I cut out with them. Always do this going abroad too, never once had to show em though. Think these guidelines are more saying don't bring a massive unmarked tub of little pills and say they are for your hay fever! Edit:Just beat me to it above, works too but my chemist keeps my counter foil to re order I think, or loose it, bin it anyway. So if you aren't picking up your prescription before Glastonbury just do the box cutting trick.
  8. I like your (misplaced) optimism!
  9. Love that too. Yet another reason to spend the next 3 weeks subtly brainwashing my son against wanting to see boring Ed.
  10. no more sausage rolls, ta.
  11. Mostly am by reading this page, but every time I have a peep some twats wittering about sausage rolls and shagging each others mums flashes by and catches my eye.
  12. Any way to turn that bell endery off going up the left? not arsed about the hearts on the right.
  13. Haha He's a closet red like you mate Sounds spot on actually for a crap stream, new stuff might surprise us all.
  14. Nice one think this lads got his phone in a crisp packet though!
  15. New Album is fucking great. The latest live shows look the business too from what I've seen on youtube etc, and yeah they do have 3 drummers on those. Really hope they turn out at Glastonbury but just incase they don't or horrible clash Ive got a ticket for the Saturday at Bluedot with the added bonus of Orbital.