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  1. Good luck Sco77ie
  2. *sighs*
  3. I thought that New Order - Music Complete might have made the list. Best thing they have done in years
  4. One piece of advice - Get on with your Mother In law. I didn't speak to mine for years, not because we didn't get on, I just thought it was rude to interrupt
  5. Twirl. Intense chocolate hit and excellent with the old vin rouge
  6. Well done Leicester. If they go and win the Champions League twice it may be as good as Forests's achievement.!!
  7. Big mistake from Chelsea in my opinion. They should have backed the manager, sold the problem players ( no matter how big they are) . What that does is send a message out to the current players and future players that the manager is the main man. As soon as players realise the manager aint gonna get sacked they have 2 options, up their game or leave. Currently they just toss it off and wait for the manager to get sacked.
  8. I seem to be stuck on 294 light on Destiny and nothing else is dropping. Looks like I need to start doing the Raid but just can't be arsed yet until everyone knows what they are doing including me. New Raid looks good but also very tough, everyone has to be on point.
  9. Just void, but lots of people not getting past the warsat section at the beginning. Could be a tough one
  10. Yes the Supercell has Arc damage and it was the boolean thatI picked up last night. Nightfall is easy now as you don't return to Orbit when you all die. I joined a guy through lfg who had got to the end and we 2 manned the boss. Took about 5 attempts mind you...
  11. I got a year 2 Last Word from the Nightfall. I've been pretty lucky loot wise. Got the SuperCell exotic assault rifle and the new exotic sniper rifle. I then got an exotic Scout rifle for completing the Variks (House Of Judgment) quests last night. I need to stop playing though, if I don't spend some time with the other half soon she will leave me!!
  12. Spent far too much time on Destiny this weekend. Did quite a bit of exotic farming with the three of coins that proved quite fruitful!! Light level is now up to 284ish
  13. Yep, the grind to get the light level up has started. I'm at around 240 I think so a while to go yet before I can start doing Nightfalls
  14. Got to level 40 last night on the Warlock. Cut scenes were amazing!!
  15. yep they are b@stards, that middle section is the hardest bit in that strike. You can take the Priest down with a full Gally and a good solar/arc scout rifle