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  1. Scottie's moving on

    Good luck Sco77ie
  2. The Gaming Thread

    I seem to be stuck on 294 light on Destiny and nothing else is dropping. Looks like I need to start doing the Raid but just can't be arsed yet until everyone knows what they are doing including me. New Raid looks good but also very tough, everyone has to be on point.
  3. The Gaming Thread

    Just void, but lots of people not getting past the warsat section at the beginning. Could be a tough one
  4. The Gaming Thread

    Yes the Supercell has Arc damage and it was the boolean thatI picked up last night. Nightfall is easy now as you don't return to Orbit when you all die. I joined a guy through lfg who had got to the end and we 2 manned the boss. Took about 5 attempts mind you...
  5. The Gaming Thread

    I got a year 2 Last Word from the Nightfall. I've been pretty lucky loot wise. Got the SuperCell exotic assault rifle and the new exotic sniper rifle. I then got an exotic Scout rifle for completing the Variks (House Of Judgment) quests last night. I need to stop playing though, if I don't spend some time with the other half soon she will leave me!!
  6. The Gaming Thread

    Spent far too much time on Destiny this weekend. Did quite a bit of exotic farming with the three of coins that proved quite fruitful!! Light level is now up to 284ish
  7. The Gaming Thread

    Yep, the grind to get the light level up has started. I'm at around 240 I think so a while to go yet before I can start doing Nightfalls
  8. The Gaming Thread

    Got to level 40 last night on the Warlock. Cut scenes were amazing!!
  9. The Gaming Thread

    yep they are b@stards, that middle section is the hardest bit in that strike. You can take the Priest down with a full Gally and a good solar/arc scout rifle
  10. The Gaming Thread

    I solo'd the nightfall with my Warlock this week, first time I have actually did it on my own. With arc and solar burn and lot's of patience it went quite smoothly. Self res did get used once or twice :-)
  11. The Gaming Thread

    Nice!! Enjoy in it's full pomp before the wolf pack rounds get nerfed. Heroic was a b@stard this week. Hate Omnibitch
  12. The Gaming Thread

    You need to do some weekly strikes sharpish my friend
  13. The Gaming Thread

    Xur is selling the Gally...buy it now before the great nerf of 2015
  14. The Gaming Thread

    Sweet indeed. That will come in handy on the weekly with it being void burn. Great launcher for pvp as well.
  15. The Gaming Thread

    Probably keep them unless you have lots of motes of light to spunk...

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