Every Rumour You Need To Know For Glastonbury 2024

The rumour mill is in overdrive - here's everything we know so far

By Grace Bilney | Published: Tue 15th Aug 2023

Glasto 2024 Rumours

Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th June 2024
Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4AZ, England MAP
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Daily capacity: 210,000
Last updated: Fri 24th May 2024

The tents have only just cleared from the fields of Worthy Farm but our sights are already set on 2024. The rumour mill is in overdrive with line-up speculations ranging from The 1975 to Queen. Here’s everything we know so far.


Glastonbury 2024 will feature AT LEAST two female headliners 

Madonna Tour Poster 2024

After a disappointingly male lineup this year, Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis has confirmed at least two female headliners for 2024. This comes a year after announcing their aspiration of a 50:50 gender split for their future festivals. Eavis has also confirmed both headliners will be making their Glastonbury debut. Press and forums alike are championing pop-legend Madonna and global superstar Rihanna. With Madonna leaving a Glastonbury shaped hole in her global ‘Celebration’ tour calendar and some celebrity tip-offs, it feels excitingly likely.


It’ll be a year for reunions

Noel Gallagher

Glastonbury regulars will be used to this age-old rumour, but could 2024 be the year for an Oasis comeback? It’s definitely a maybe. Noel has said he’d “never say never” to a reunion and even Glastonbury co-organiser Michae Eavis has admitted to being in touch with the feuding siblings. The bookies are looking hopeful too with 8/1 odds. Is there any tangible evidence? No. But maybe if we all wish really really hard…

If the Gallaghers let us down, we’ll always have the Spice Girls! This nostalgia-tinged reunion is looking more and more likely. With Victoria Beckham dropping less than subtle hints on Instagram and Mel C saying “All of the Spice Girls would like to play Glasto, that is the truth… We call playing Glastonbury the bucket list, because as an artist it really is the ultimate”. Earlier this year, they even confirmed a mystery project “that the fans are really going to love”. Could that be Glastonbury 2024?

Coldplay will headline (again)


Yes, they’ve already headlined four times. Will that stop them doing it again? No. The post-brit pop legends are known for putting on spectacular shows but could this be one time too many? Their “Music of Spheres” world tour leaves a very convenient space for Glastonbury and with potential talks with event organisers, it’s looking likely. But Harry Styles, Dave, Dua Lipa, and the Arctic Monkeys are on their A-game. Coldplay could be a waste of a good stage slot.

Blur will play the very big festival in the countraaay


Blur have been absolutely smashing it this year. A brilliant new album. A sell-out tour. The hype has been impossible to ignore. They are a Glastonbury 2024 favourite on our forums (do yourself a favour and check it out) is there any actual evidence? Blur are playing a long overdue one-off gig at Wembley only two weeks after Glastonbury and have confirmed they will be playing festivals next year. With the same odds as Madonna, it’s looking like a sure feature for the Pyramid stage.


Queen will finally forgive Glastonbury 


Brian May’s dislike for Glastonbury co-organiser Micheal Eavis is no secret. May has said many times that Queen will never play Glastonbury as Eavis has “...frequently insulted me” and “...is in favour of the badger cull, which I regard as a tragedy and an unnecessary crime against wildlife.” But times may have changed! The guitarist has now said Glastonbury is “not impossible”. It’s far from a yes, but we can dream… right?

We still won’t see Taylor Swift on the Pyramid Stage…

Taylor Swift

Every year we hope for a Taylor Swift Glastonbury appearance. Every year we are disappointed. And 2024 is no different. Taylor has finally announced her “Eras” tour dates with Dublin falling smack in the middle of the festival weekend. Maybe 2025?

…and The 1975 are unlikely too

The 1975

Okay bare with us on this one. The odds are in their favour and they are fan and forum favourite for 2024 but with recent backlash following their Malaysian festival “protest” we think The 1975 are on the downturn. Pair this up with racist and misogynistic comments from lead singer Matt Healy and you have the full package. Oh, and spitting on fans isn’t really the Glastonbury vibe. 

Are we right?

We don’t have a crystal ball but our spidey festival senses are tingling. Who do you think we’ll see on the Pyramid Stage next year? Join the conversation in the forum and let us know - Forum >>


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