Wychwood Music Festival 2012 line-up and rumours

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June 2012
Cheltenham Racecourse, Prestbury Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England MAP
£115 for the weekend, plus £22 for camping
daily capacity: 7500
last updated: Wed 30th May 2012

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 8th, Pomme Stage(C) A Touch Of The Sun
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Affairs
Sat 9th, Pomme Stage(C) Alex McConnachie
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Alphabet Backwards
Fri 8th, Pomme Stage(C) Andy Oliveri
Fri 8th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Anna Keirle
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Baraka
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) Bellowhead
Sun 10th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Carly Smallman
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) Celtish
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) Chris Whiting
Fri 8th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Christian Steel
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Crash & The Bandicoots
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Daine & Myles
Fri 8th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Dan Mitchell
Sun 10th, Pomme Stage(C) Danny & The Bachelors
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Danny Shah
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Doctor and the Medics
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Dodgy
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) Duke Special
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Duppy Beatz
Sat 9th, Pomme Stage(C) Dusk
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) East Of The Sun
Fri 8th, Pomme Stage(C) Ellie Dussek
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Fisherman's Friends
Sun 10th, Pomme Stage(C) Funky Horse Milk
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Gary J Armstrong
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) George Montague
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Gunning For Tamar
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Half Decent
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Harbour
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Hawkwind
Fri 8th, Big Top(C) Headphone Disco
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Headphone Disco
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) Headphone Disco
Fri 8th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Heavy Petting Zoo
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Howard Marks
Fri 8th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) I am Ryan
Sat 9th, Pomme Stage(C) I, The Lion
Sun 10th, Pomme Stage(C) Jake Watson
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) James
Sun 10th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Jarred Christmas
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Jazz Morley
Fri 8th, Big Top(C) Jenny Hallam
Sun 10th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Jim Smallman
Sat 9th, Pomme Stage(C) Jim Wain
Sat 9th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Jonathan Elston
Fri 8th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Joshua Caole
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Juju
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Katey Brooks
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Katy Ashworth
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) Keston Cobblers Club
Fri 8th, Pomme Stage(C) KSH & The Going Goods
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Mahala Rai Banda
Sat 9th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Matt Richardson
Fri 8th, Big Top(C) Mila Falls
Fri 8th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Nick Page
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Phantom Limb
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Pink Crudge Caravan
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Robin Ince
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) Robin Ince
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Rozi Plain
Sat 9th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Sam Harland
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Satsangi
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Secret Rivals
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) Sharon Shannon
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Show of Hands
Fri 8th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Shy and the Fight
Sat 9th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Silky
Sat 9th, Pomme Stage(C) Simplistic Scientists
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) SixtyFours
Sun 10th, Pomme Stage(C) Stressechoes
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Stylusboy
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Super Squarecloud
Sat 9th, Big Top(C) Tallulah Rendall
Fri 8th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) The Black Acid Band
Fri 8th, Pomme Stage(C) The Cadbury Sisters
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) The Cuban Brothers
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) The Damned
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) The Dhol Foundation
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) The Flex
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) The Jar Family
Fri 8th, Big Top(C) The Magic Tombolinos
Sun 10th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) The Moonshines
Sat 9th, Main Stage(C) The Outcast Band
Fri 8th, Main Stage(C) The Roving Crows
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) The Saw Doctors
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Theo Altieri
Fri 8th, Big Top(C) Three Beards
Sun 10th, Main Stage(C) Thrill Collins
Sun 10th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Tony Law
Sat 9th, Comedy (Hobgoblin Stage)(C) Tony Simpson
Sun 10th, Big Top(C) Urusen
Sun 10th, Pomme Stage(C) Welcome To Marathon
Sat 9th, Hobgoblin Stage(C) Wild Swim

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