Kasabian close the V Festival weekend in spectacular style

V Festival (Staffordshire) 2015 review

By Michelle Owen-Williams | Published: Wed 26th Aug 2015


Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd August 2015
Weston Park, Weston-under-Lizard, Staffordshire, TF11 8LE, England MAP
£189 with camping
Daily capacity: 90,000
Last updated: Thu 2nd Jul 2015

After Saturday's epic fail of being late to the party of Day One at Weston Park we got to the site well early.

There were hardly any people there at 11.00am in the arena so my nephew and I larked about to try and get photos of just him and the stages.

We stood exactly where we stood the day before in the hope of meeting up with the girls from Manchester we had had a laugh with the day before.

Rooted to the spot once again for V festival's Sunday festivities, was the weather gonna hold out for us today? Erm no, we got so drenched throughout the day that we had to take solace half way through James Bay's set due to being wet through.

The line-up today for me was slightly weaker and my nephew wanted to stay again at one of the main stages so I would miss out on seeing Chvrches, and Labrinth, but never mind, it was Oliver I needed to please as this was his first experience.

What I forgot to mention in day one's review was here were no toilets in the press area so I/we had to seek out a clean loo for the weekend, cause everyone knows what festival toilets are like??!! I was told by security that if I asked one of the vendors they might let me use the loo. I navigated myself to a stall entitled ‘Not Dogs', I never gave it much thought that it was hot dogs but without the meat, hence ‘Not Dogs', a huge variety of hot dogs with tofu, my nephew thought it would be a good idea throughout the weekend to sample some over both days, his favourite was the Cha Cha Chilli dog, it blew his brains out lol. We had clean toilet heaven thanks to Katie and Jane from ‘Not Dogs'. I didn't find out until after and doing a bit of journo investigation that ‘Not Dogs' was a previous finalist in the Virgin Food Entrepreneur Competition for Tastiest Start-up, I think we picked the best stall on the pitch to eat from. (look out for them at Fusion Festival).

After day one's shenanigans my nephew was used to the fact that people would drop their knickers at the drop off a hat to have a pee anywhere around the site. Sorry, but I think this is one of the rankest aspects of festivals, and I have not seen it happening so much at other festivals I've been too. There were plastic urinals this year, obviously ear marked for the men, the surprise was seeing women with their bums actually in the urinals and women using she-wees.

We again got prime position at V festival, after a good night's sleep (offsite) and a quality shower and bacon sarnies all round we were ready for whatever the day would throw at us, even if it was torrential rain.

Imelda May was the first act on, bit of a strange choice for the opening act on the main stage on the Sunday, everyone was bleary eyed and still a bit hungover from the night before, no-one seemed to pay much attention if the truth be known so her set passed us by. Even my nephew was yawning all the way through it.

Marina and the Diamonds were up next, christ almighty, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw what she was wearing! It was an all-in-one, yellow and black, with see through bits. She did have the figure to carry it off by far, I just couldn't keep my eyes off her. Even Oliver asked me what the hell was she wearing, I replied, it's just for the festival.

Throughout her set it had dawned on me that Marina loved the camera, posing for every opportunity and even hugging the camera at one stage. There was only a few songs I knew, her performance was slightly marred especially as everyone had seemed to have woken up and there was constant chat all through the set.

James Bay was on next, we had waited for hours for him to come on, my nephew was well up for him, even saying when we got there that he wanted to see especially James Bay and Sam Smith today. He did see James Bay but for only three songs, as I said earlier the heavens opened up just before the set and throughout it, even much so it had soaked through my jeans and my nephews hair looked like the hair bear bunches. Solace to the press tent for the rest of James Bay's set.

Once the rain and subsided we ventured over to one of the other stages to see everyone's favourite Jess Glynne. We had the day before listened to her debut album on a constant loop as we waited so long to get to Weston Park, once getting off the motorway, so we were well up for this set.

Her name was emblazoned on a back drop with letters that looked like they were 20 feet high, dressed in a black number and looking rather swish she came on stage to rapturous applause.

My nephew and I were right at the back watching on screens, we were being distracted by two guys dancing around in masks, one was in an alligator mask and the other what can only be described as an oryx, it was hilarious watching them pester people, it amused me watching them drink bottles of beer through their masks, my nephew thought it was very entertaining.

How many hits has Jess Glynne had? Loads it seems and she played all of them today, my wife is obsessed with Jess Glynne, we had the chance to speak to her at Wireless last year, but it was a missed opportunity. One of the little gems of the day me thinks.

We moseyed on back over to the main stage to catch a bit of Courteeners, but all we could see was people throwing bottles about, very amusing but I am so glad we weren't in the middle of it all.

The best three acts were left until last. We got a prime position half way back from the stage, so we were central and could see the act's and the big screen.

Hozier, Sam Smith, and Kasabian, what a trio of delight. Hozier proved he can sing and is so talented, it was a blessing watching him.

Sam Smith, well we spent the whole set, singing, swaying and losing our voices, this guy is immense, he is such an epic entertainer, he can't do any wrong. Can't wait for his second album which apparently he's going away to write now.

Before Kasabian came on my nephew was like, "Who are Kasabian?, What do they sing?" I said wait and see. There was a mass exodus from all the stages to the main stage to see Leicester's finest. I told my nephew we were standing quite a way from the stage as I/we didn't want to get caught in the thick of it. My nephew realised what I meant later, what with flares being let off and the moshing.

There was a countdown before they came on stage, and one of the tracks was by Underworld – Born Slippy, what this, it's from Trainspotting, apparently it was a SICK tune.

Kasabian came on and my nephew thought he was in heaven, we danced and sang in the mud away from everyone and he thought it was epic, ‘Shoot the Runner' was his favourite, even much so he keeps playing it on you tube to annoy his dad.

Kasabian: V Festival (Staffordshire) 2015

Kasabian closed the weekend in spectacular style, you either love them or hate them. In my nephews case he's new to all this so he loved them.

I guess it was a tie for first place between Kasabian and Sam Smith, what an epic day and weekend come to that.

My nephew has already asked if he can come again next year that's how epic it was for him.

review by: Michelle Owen-Williams

photos by: Tricia Owen-Williams

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