Virgin ends V Festival sponsorship; new name to be announced for festival on same sites

By Neil Greenway | Published: Mon 30th Oct 2017

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Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th August 2017
Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8WQ, England MAP
weekend with camping: £189; weekend no camping: £165; days £89
Daily capacity: 90,000
Last updated: Thu 20th Jul 2017

Richard Branson has tweeted "after 22 very enjoyable and successful years, 2017 was Virgin's last V Festival", and the official V Festival twitter has said "Thanks for being a great sponsor @Virgin. The name of the new festival that continues on the same weekend in 2018 will be announced soon."

Meanwhile Festival Republic boss Melvin Benn has told Music Week (here) that the festival will have a new name - to be announced in November - but without headline sponsorship and that it will continue in a similar way to V Festival and on the same weekend in August.  “It will very much continue to have a pop and dance focus. We will have a complete refresh and it's likely to go to three days. I believe the demand warrants it - the demand and the talent are out there", he said.

So expect an announcement for a pop and dance focused 3-day festival taking place in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, and at Weston Park,  Staffordshire on the likely dates of Friday 17th to Sunday 19th August 2018 somewhen soon.

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