The Long Road 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September 2018
Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH, England MAP
currently £99 without camping, £125 with camping
last updated: Mon 10th Sep 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 8th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Aaron Watson
Fri 7th, Interstate Stage(C) American Young
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Andrew Alli
Sun 9th, Honky Tonk (C) Andrew Alli
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Andrew Alli
Fri 7th, Interstate Stage(C) Andy Brown
Sat 8th, Interstate Stage(C) Angaleena Presley
Sun 9th, Honky Tonk (C) Angaleena Presley
Sun 9th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Ashley Campbell
Sun 9th, Interstate Stage(C) Billy Bragg
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Birthplace Of Country Music
Sat 8th, Interstate Stage(C) Brent Cobb
Sun 9th, Honky Tonk (C) Cardboard Fox
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Caroline Spence
Sat 8th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Carrie Underwood
Sun 9th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Catherine McGrath
Sun 9th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Charlie Worsham
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Cooper & Davies
Fri 7th, unknown stage(C) Country-oke
Sat 8th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Danielle Bradbery
Sun 9th, Honky Tonk (C) Danni Nicholls
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Dimpker Brothers
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Dori Freeman
Sun 9th, Interstate Stage(C) Elizabeth Cook
Sun 9th, Interstate Stage(C) Emily Barker
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Emma Moore
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Erin Rae
Sun 9th, Interstate Stage(C) Ferris & Sylvester
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Ferris & Sylvester
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Folk Soul Revival
Sun 9th, Honky Tonk (C) Folk Soul Revival
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Frontier Ruckus
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Gary Quinn
Fri 7th, Front Porch(C) Holloway Road
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Holloway Road
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Jarrod Dickenson
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Jess and The Bandits
Sat 8th, Interstate Stage(C) Jess and The Bandits
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Jess Morgan
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Joana Serrat
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Joshua Hedley
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Kasheena Sampson
Fri 7th, Front Porch(C) Kevin McGuire
Sat 8th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Laura Oakes
Sat 8th, Interstate Stage(C) Lee Ann Womack
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Little Folk
Sat 8th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Logan Brill
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Loose Records
Sun 9th, Front Porch(C) Luke Winslow-King
Fri 7th, Front Porch(C) Megan O'Neill
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Megan O'Neill
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Painting Box
Sat 8th, Interstate Stage(C) Parker Millsap
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Robert J Hunter
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Ruby Boots
Sun 9th, Interstate Stage(C) Ruby Boots
Sat 8th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Striking Matches
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) The Adelaides
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) The Arlenes
Sun 9th, Rhinestone Stage(C) The Brummies
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) The Lew Thomas Band
Sun 9th, Honky Tonk (C) The Lone Bellow
Sun 9th, Interstate Stage(C) The Lone Bellow
Sat 8th, Rhinestone Stage(C) The Shires
Sun 9th, Rhinestone Stage(C) The Shires
Fri 7th, Interstate Stage(C) The Wandering Hearts
Sat 8th, Interstate Stage(C) The Wood Brothers
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Treetop Flyers
Fri 7th, Front Porch(C) Twinnie
Sat 8th, Front Porch(C) Twinnie
Fri 7th, Front Porch(C) Two Ways Home
Sun 9th, Rhinestone Stage(C) Una Healy
Fri 7th, Interstate Stage(C) Ward Thomas
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) William The Conqueror
Sun 9th, Honky Tonk (C) Worry Dolls
Sat 8th, Honky Tonk (C) Yola Carter
Sun 9th, Interstate Stage(C) Yola Carter
Fri 7th, Front Porch(C) Zack Logan

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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