Tech-Fest 2022 line-up and rumours

buy tickets now > Thursday 30th June to Monday 4th July 2022
Newark Showground, Lincoln Rd, Newark, Nottinghamshire , NG24 2NY, England MAP
£104.99 with camping (10 or 15% discount on tickets for 2 or 5 people respectively) Under 16s Free
daily capacity: 2000
last updated: Mon 13th Jun 2022

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) A Night In The Abyss
Sat 2nd, Main Stage(C) Anima Tempo
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) Arcaeon
Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) Artificial Langauge
Sat 2nd, Second Stage(C) Axiom
Thu 30th, Second Stage(C) Azazel
Thu 30th, Second Stage(C) Ballius.
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Betraying The Martyrs
Sun 3rd, Second Stage(C) Black Orchid Empire
Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) Blight Town
day TBC, Main Stage(C) Blind Summit
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Borders
day TBC, Main Stage(C) Bound In Fear
Thu 30th, Second Stage(C) Confessions Of A Traitor
Fri 1st, Second Stage(C) Controversial
Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) Dakesis
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Destrage
Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) Drewsif
Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) Exim
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Frontierer
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) God Is An Astronaut
Sun 3rd, unknown stage(C) God Is An Astronaut
Sun 3rd, Second Stage(C) Godsticks
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Gorod
Sat 2nd, Main Stage(C) Gorod
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Greylotus
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Hacktivist
Sat 2nd, Second Stage(C) He Knows
Sat 2nd, Main Stage(C) Hipnose
Sun 3rd, unknown stage(C) Hipnose
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) In Fear
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) InMe
Sat 2nd, Main Stage(C) Krysthla
Thu 30th, Second Stage(C) Lost In Lavender Town
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) Martyr Defiled
Sat 2nd, Second Stage(C) Monasteries
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) No Consequence
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) Novelists
Sun 3rd, unknown stage(C) Novelists
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) Novena
Sun 3rd, Second Stage(C) OHHMS
Sat 2nd, Second Stage(C) Only The Righteous
Sun 3rd, Second Stage(C) Partycanon
Sun 3rd, unknown stage(C) Partycanon
Fri 1st, Second Stage(C) Pound
Sun 3rd, Main Stage(C) Project Mishram
Sun 3rd, Second Stage(C) Pupil Slicer
Sun 3rd, unknown stage(C) Pupil Slicer
Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) Red Method
Thu 30th, Main Stage(C) Rosen Bridge
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Scar Symmetry
Fri 1st, Second Stage(C) Seething Akira
Fri 1st, unknown stage(C) Seething Akira
Thu 30th, Second Stage(C) Sertraline
Sat 2nd, unknown stage(C) Slice The Cake
Fri 1st, Main Stage(C) Ten56
Sun 3rd, Second Stage(C) Thaeia
Sat 2nd, Main Stage(C) The Hirsch Effekt
Sat 2nd, unknown stage(C) The Hirsch Effekt
Fri 1st, Second Stage(C) The Modern Age Slavery
Sat 2nd, Main Stage(C) The Ocean Collective
Sat 2nd, unknown stage(C) The Ocean Collective
Fri 1st, Second Stage(C) The Voynich Code
Fri 1st, Second Stage(C) Tiberius
Sat 2nd, Main Stage(C) Where Oceans Burn
Sat 2nd, Second Stage(C) Wings Denied

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