Antiworld International Indoor Festival 2007 line-up and rumours

Saturday 3rd February 2007
London Bridge, 41-43 St. Thomas Street – London Bridge – SE1, UK MAP
From January 01 to February 01 £25
daily capacity: 3000
last updated: Thu 4th Jan 2007

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 3rd, Third Stage(C) A+E Project
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) Beamish
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) Chris Liberator
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) Chris Rudz
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) Darren Shambhala
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Dejavoo
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) DJ Acidic
Sat 3rd, Second Stage(C) DJ Buju
Sat 3rd, Second Stage(C) DJ Nadi
Sat 3rd, Sixth Stage(C) DJ Nova!
Sat 3rd, Second Stage(C) DJ Sinan
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) DJ Wonka
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Domestic
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Eskimo (live)
Sat 3rd, Sixth Stage(C) Floyd
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) Hybrid
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) James Zaidi
Sat 3rd, Third Stage(C) Johannes Heil
Sat 3rd, Sixth Stage(C) Jonty
Sat 3rd, Third Stage(C) Julian Gas
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) K-90 Dj Set
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Krunch
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) Lab4
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) M-Klome
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) M-Theory
Sat 3rd, Sixth Stage(C) Magnus
Sat 3rd, Sixth Stage(C) Mandy More
Sat 3rd, Third Stage(C) Marco Bailey
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) Mark Sinclair
Sat 3rd, Sixth Stage(C) Nautilus
Sat 3rd, Second Stage(C) Nic No Name
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) Prozak
Sat 3rd, Third Stage(C) Ross & Moon
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Sinewave
Sat 3rd, Third Stage(C) Speedy J
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) The Breakfastaz
Sat 3rd, Third Stage(C) Thrash Jelly
Sat 3rd, Second Stage(C) Ticon
Sat 3rd, Fifth Stage(C) Tim Samsara
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Timelock
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) Tweak & Bleep
Sat 3rd, Second Stage(C) V Tunes
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) Wax Equestrian
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) X-Noize
Sat 3rd, Fourth Stage(C) Youthful Implants

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