Landed Festival 2019 line-up and rumours

Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th August 2019
Doldowlod Estate, Rhayader, Powys, LD1 6HH, Wales MAP
currently £50
daily capacity: 2000
last updated: Fri 12th Jul 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) 100,000 Body Bags
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Adrian Roper
Fri 2nd, Alphawave Stage(C) Alex Souloud
Fri 2nd, Alphawave Stage(C) Aneurin
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Ask My Bull
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Becca & Jake
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Beth Lily
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Billy In The Low Ground
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Billy In The Low Ground
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Binbag Wisdom
Sat 3rd, Alphawave Stage(C) Bolschy
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Bombskare
Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) Cartoon Violence
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Chalk Outlines
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Chris Money & Cosmic
Fri 2nd, Alphawave Stage(C) Chris P
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Christian Punter
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Darbi
Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) Deadly Lightshades
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Didge Beat George
Sun 4th, Main Stage(C) Dirty Virtebrae
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Dysfunction
Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) Eff The Count
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Empire of Lights
Sun 4th, Main Stage(C) Excellent Skeleton
Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) Finn
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Fortify
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Fossilheads (Rosie Swayne)
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Freeborn Rising
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Funkd Up
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) George Nash
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Ioan Price
Sun 4th, Alphawave Stage(C) J-Tech
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Janelle Lawrence
Sun 4th, Alphawave Stage(C) Jinal
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Johnathan Day
Fri 2nd, Alphawave Stage(C) Josheep
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Just Jude
Sat 3rd, Alphawave Stage(C) Kelda and Raife
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Kitty
Sat 3rd, Alphawave Stage(C) Krash
Sun 4th, Main Stage(C) Lorainne
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Luke Williams
Sun 4th, Main Stage(C) Mama Jerk
Sun 4th, Alphawave Stage(C) Minuten
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Moira
Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) Monsterometer
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) News from Nowhere
Sat 3rd, Alphawave Stage(C) Organchrist
Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) Paradox
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Reckless Breakfast
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Rufus Mustafa
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Sango & Chef
Sun 4th, Alphawave Stage(C) Simoncelli
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Skalinskis
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Sleepy folk
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Smoke Like A Fish
Sun 4th, Main Stage(C) Solana
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Sonya Smith
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Sonya Smith
Fri 2nd, Alphawave Stage(C) Steffan Taylor
Sun 4th, Alphawave Stage(C) Steptoe
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) Taiko Drummers
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) The Love!
day TBC, Acoustic Stage(C) The Modern World
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) The Warbirds
Sun 4th, Main Stage(C) Tits Up
Sun 4th, Alphawave Stage(C) Toby
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) Toffees
Sat 3rd, Alphawave Stage(C) Tom Algorithm
day TBC, Nefelibata(C) unbrand3d
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Verbal Remedies
Fri 2nd, Main Stage(C) Wide Open Spaces
day TBC, Verbal Melodies(C) Xerru
Sat 3rd, Main Stage(C) Yoko Pwno
Sun 4th, Main Stage(C) Zub Zub

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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Landed Festival 2019
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