Rastamouse's creators interview

Glastonbury 2011 interview

By Rex Greenway | Published: Mon 4th Jul 2011

Rastmouse @ Kidzfield on Friday

Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th June 2011
Worthy Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4AZ, England MAP
£195 - SOLD OUT
Daily capacity: 175,000
Last updated: Wed 29th Jun 2011

Just before Rastamouse's first live appearance in the Kidz Field at Glastonbury Festival eFestivals interviewed Rastamouse's creators, Genevieve Webster, and Michael De Souzato to find out more about the animated children's TV star.


How did you come up with Rastamouse?
Genevieve Webster - There was a poem that Michael wrote about a mouse and I drew a picture of a mouse that was Rastafarian mouse and we decided to write a proper story because we thought his character is really special so we got together and write a story. It was really important that it was in rhyme as well because there's such a rhythm to the Caribbean dialect and the rhyme adds to that.

In the future what are you planning to do, are there going to be new members in the easy crew?
Michael De Souza - No, not really, I think the easy crew is just gonna be the three. But we will write more books.
Genevieve - There are three books out already, 'Rastamouse and the Crucial Plan', 'Rastamouse and da Bag of Bling' and 'Rastamouse and da Double Crossing Diva.' So there are going to be more picture books out and there's going to be a lot of stuff happening. Toys coming out, the new music album as well, in July.

And Rastamouse at Glastonbury, it says in the Guardian Guide that he will be seeing Jimmy Cliff?
Genevieve - He will definitely try and see Jimmy Cliff, he is top of his list.

What's Rastamouse's favourite cheese?
Micheal - He definitely likes a bit of mature cheddar.

How's he handling the mud, since it's his first year at Glastonbury?
Micheal - I'd say, hes such an easy going character he'd come to terms with the mud. Genevieve - Everything's irie.

So, are you enjoying Glastonbury?
Genevieve - Fantastic, everyone here is lovely. The whole atmosphere, especially in the kids field. In a perfect world I wouldn't go anywhere else, I love it. It's so chilled out, it's a totally easy crew vibe.

Is there any other news?
Well, the website is rastamouse.com and you can find stuff out there and you can play irie games. We have the DVD in the summer, the album, the single.

Will that be a DVD of the episodes or...
Genevieve - Yeah.

Okay so, have you ever thought about a film?
Genevieve - We've really seriously considered a film, and a live show like the ones here.
Micheal - the other thing I wanted to say was that we do go around to schools and read the books and things like that.

Finally, what's under Rastamouse's hat, 've got to ask. a big pair of ears or some dreads?
Genevieve - Probably both.
Micheal - Yeah
Genevieve - But, you know, he keeps his hat on.
Micheal - We can't say for sure.

interview by: Rex Greenway

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